Saturday, December 29, 2007

Feralmama's January Goals

Im so happy to be here! Thank you for the invite! My name is Kelly and I am also feralmama on Ravelry.

This year I found myself doing the Christmas crunch knitting and vowed I wouldn't do it again, so here I am. All of my handknit gifts were well received; the Irish Hiking Scarf was a huge hit as was the Yarn Harlot's UnOriginal hat which matched the scarf more or less :)

Also oooh and ahhhhh'd over were Eunny's Anemoi mittens. I havent quite settled who/what/when for the '08 knitting except that we have two new babies joining the family sometime in January and so am knitting two baby blankets, one that is currently OTN. Im using my own pattern which I've adapted from the Irish Hiking Scarf (basically just a seed st border with alternating bands of C6 ribs) in a soft champagne coloured acrylic yarn. This is about the only thing I will use acrylic for :) Easy for new mom's to wash!

I've also started planning out the Arwen Jacket for my daughters '08 gift, and will order the yarn soon, budget permitting. February will find me knitting my baby brother some socks for his March birthday.

I envy the people that have it all planned out already!!!!

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