Monday, December 31, 2007

One Down

I finished the prayer shawl/Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole for my friend who lost her dad.

I feel really relieved now that it is done and off my needles. I blocked it tonight and I am doing the fringe now.

Here is a pic

Happy new year.


FO - Hat

I finished the hat for James yesterday. In time for the new year and a very cold week here for us.
I have cast on the socks for Joanne, again.

2007 Knitting in Review

Yeah, okay, so it's not much of a "year" when you've only really learned to knit in July, and have only been seriously knitting since November ^^;; so, many a Christmas 2007 review? *sigh* I'm special.

*ahem* Onward! The final count:

2 pairs of mittens, one of them fingerless
4 hats
4 scarves (1 repeat)
1 dish cloth
1 pair of slippers
1 bag that I really need to line! Gah~!

The biggest loser was probably the bag since I keep meaning to finish it, but never do ^^;; (And you don't even get to see a picture of it so there!)

In first place I think I'll put Dashing fingerless mittens that I knit for my friend Lise (They're going in the mail soon, I promise!) in England because learning how to cable was a pretty big wall for me and I was pretty nervous about it. Thanks to these mittens, I'm fearless!

In close second I think I'll put the mittens I made for Grandpa for Christmas. Another hurdle was colour-work. At least to this degree. I think I was expecting it to be more difficult…

New years eve was an enjoyable evening with some friends, and I started a sweater so that's a great way to start the new year I think!

I was resisting doing the typical new years resolutions this year, but I think maybe I can make some knitting resolutions.

  1. Finish this sweater this year. I don't know how ambitious this is, but I do know that I have a crappy attention span so we'll have to wait and see if I lose interest or not.
  2. Go to at least one knitting gathering a month
  3. Participate in at least one swap per season
  4. blog at least once per week (to encourage knitting? Perhaps ^_^)
  5. knit a pair of socks!
2007 FO's

Drop Lacestitch Wascloth (Christmas game contribution)
knit sleep mask

Dashing (Fingerless Mittens at Knitty)
bubby (knit bear)

Manly Mitts (free pattern at knitty)
bubby (knit bear)

Foliage (hat on Knitty)
bubby (knit bear)

Cotton slippers (modified pattern)
bubby (knit bear)

Calorimetry headband (free pattern on knitty)
bubby (knit bear)

Brown vine-stitch scarf
bubby (knit bear)

Reversible lace-stitch scarf
bubby (knit bear)

Vine-stitch scarf (blue)
bubby (knit bear)

Mock-cable slouchy hat in green
bubby (knit bear)

Three Things

Wow! I'm impressed that there are already FO's out there. Kudos!

My January goals are to:

1. Knit a mate for the Boyfriend Sock for my husband's birthday next month.
2. Dust off the sewing machine and sew the Kimono Robe from Amy Butler's book, In Stitches, for my friends birthday in March.
3. Knit a pair of Dashing for a Christmas gift (Neal)


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Got a scarf finished

One project down. I got the scarf finished for my cousins little girl. My daughter wants paid for the modeling job. I am now starting on the Mobieus scarf for my Mother.

My gift list

Thank you for allowing me to join :-)

My gift list thus far is looking like this:
1. I want to finish: "Rude", a sweater for my son with a very big cable in it... hence the name. It is for his birthday (April 6)
2. I want to cast on for me: 1 pair of socks - for my birthday (Feb 21)
3. Finish sweater for my youngest in green, for his birthday (March 20)
4. Finish "Hotchpotch", as I am working on the second mitten
5. Cast on a pair of socks for my husband (March 13)
6. Publish new patterns in 3rd issue of Clipper Knit Works (Feb 15 deadline)

All the best for 2008 though.

One done...

I got one of my projects done yesterday. A fulled kitchen set for my son & family. I'll be going to visit them in March and wanted to take at least one gift with me! I'm sure I'll think of other things to make for my grandson before then! Some progress on the pirate sweater for another grandson's birthday (deadline February 13). My updated list is:
  1. Jolly Roger Sweater; Tristan; February 3
  2. Plain Vanilla Socks; Amanda; March 17
  3. Square Cake Bag; Rachel; March 21
  4. BMP Hat; Noah, April 3
  5. Cotton socks for my oldest son, Josh's, wheelchair arms May 26

Hello All.

Hello to all you knit a long'ers
well the new year beckons and my stash basket is ready to be used so heres my first 5 gifts to knit for 2008
  • finish broad ripple socks for annie
  • finish mini skull tote for sis
  • finish branching out scarf for julia
  • knit 1 pr socks for sock it to me pal
  • knit 1 caliometry for me

deadline for all is jan 31st, this will be running alongside my secret of the stole 2 project and my first foray into making stitch markers for the stitch marker exchnage...

looks like im gonna be busy!!

has any one got a pattern for a cafetiere warmer?[ for febs knit list!!]

happy new year to you all,



Saturday, December 29, 2007

First step

I have finished my first set of special Christmas ornaments for next year, five small crocheted elf slippers.  
My goal for January is to get one calorimetry made, one chemo cap and four blanket squares for donation.  I also will do a list of all projects for 2008.  
Marjorie S.

Feralmama's January Goals

Im so happy to be here! Thank you for the invite! My name is Kelly and I am also feralmama on Ravelry.

This year I found myself doing the Christmas crunch knitting and vowed I wouldn't do it again, so here I am. All of my handknit gifts were well received; the Irish Hiking Scarf was a huge hit as was the Yarn Harlot's UnOriginal hat which matched the scarf more or less :)

Also oooh and ahhhhh'd over were Eunny's Anemoi mittens. I havent quite settled who/what/when for the '08 knitting except that we have two new babies joining the family sometime in January and so am knitting two baby blankets, one that is currently OTN. Im using my own pattern which I've adapted from the Irish Hiking Scarf (basically just a seed st border with alternating bands of C6 ribs) in a soft champagne coloured acrylic yarn. This is about the only thing I will use acrylic for :) Easy for new mom's to wash!

I've also started planning out the Arwen Jacket for my daughters '08 gift, and will order the yarn soon, budget permitting. February will find me knitting my baby brother some socks for his March birthday.

I envy the people that have it all planned out already!!!!
Hello! I'm Lizzie (LizzieK8 on Ravelry) and am thrilled to find this KAL to help me keep on schedule with my knitting. I did pretty good this year, with just one toe in one sock that had to be finished Christmas morning.

This is the first of my Christmas 2008 knitting I've accomplished. It's based on the Weasley Sweater Cell Phone Cozy. My intent is to make one for each of my six grands and stuff them with little tiny gifts, candy, etc. Then when opened, they can be ornaments or holiday decorations.

My tentative first five gifts are:
  1. Jolly Roger Sweater; Tristan; February 3
  2. Fulled Hot Pads; Son & Family; March 6
  3. Plain Vanilla Socks; Amanda; March 17
  4. Square Cake Bag; Rachel; March 21
  5. BMP Hat; Noah, April 3

Melanie N's January Goals

Hi Everyone

I managed to get something handknit for everyone apart from my Dad this Christmas, but my Mum only got my original plan of socks. The rest of the family got some quick win hats.

So I'm going to keep my first January goal nice and simple:

Scarf for my Dad - its his birthday so completion date of 4th Jan deadline
Purl Scarf - work colleague/winter gift/ Jan deadline

Good luck everyone with your lists!

Friday, December 28, 2007

January List -

I'm Tamiko. Glad to be a part of the group.
I told my mother that I joined a support group for late/missing knitting projects.

1. Socks for sis birthday Feb 3rd -currently working on the heel of both socks
2. Start tablecloth for sis-in-law #2
3. Socks for nephew #3.1 birthday May 31 - they were going to be a Christmas gift.

Becky L's January Goals

Hello everyone, I am so excited to be doing this. I hope and pray between this blog and the one I started because of this great one I will be able to keep on track and not have to run out the night before a giving situation to buy a gift because the one I was going to make them did not get done. I really want this year to be the year of homemade gifts. I feel that the art of giving gifts from the heart and hand has been forgotten. So with that here is my list

  1. Keep knitting wash cloths for the soldiers. I belong to this group. ( hope to be able to make socks someday but for now I will keep going with the washcloths.

  2. Celebrate Awareness Tote by Julie Gaddy Bag that I need to finish for our school principal. This is one of those projects fro Christmas that did not make it in time.
  3. Sweater for my moms birthday in March. A sweater for all seasons in the FamilyCircle easy Plus-size knits.
  4. Wallaby sweater for my sons birthday in March.
  5. Finish a sock I have been working on since Nov.

Ok so let the knitting begin...... Good luck all with your list

Becky L

Mel's January List

I thought I would go ahead and post the list I have so far. I really don't want to make the monthly lists too big so that I won't be disappointed when I don't complete them. I still haven't decided on what I want to knit for everyone so I will just add to each month as I decide.

I also am so thankful for this group since this past year I was totally unprepared for the holiday. This was my first Christmas of all knitted gifts which consisted of only dishcloths. For 2008, I want to make everyone something a little more personal so each gift will hopefully be more special to them. The dishcloths were all well received though...YAY!

My list for January:
At least 2 headbands from DROPS Designs garnstudio
Pocketbook Slippers from KnitWits Heaven
The Isabeau Purse from Chez Plum
I also have the La Dentelle Belle Scarf OTN and hope to finish it. It's a beautiful scarf.
Then if I don't end up getting totally confused, there will be a Moebius KAL that will also been done by the end of January. (Wish me luck...I think I will need it.)

Good luck to everyone on your knitting goals! We can do this!!

Melanie T aka lilknitter

My Jan. List-subject to change of course

My Jan. list is this:

Hairdressers-knit 1 of 3 HAIRDRESSER themed dishcloths
Dtr./nlaws-knit FROG themed dishcloths
BEGIN KAL for bag-never knitted a bag in my life so it may take longer than one month
Knit AFGHAN for 8 yr. old 2ND cousin in colors she chose
Knit 1 hour + hat for stepgrdson.

Continue knitting on a prayer shawl I started-may take next 2-3 months because of other commitments

KALS for the month

Stitch markers for exchange-never made them but I have the beads, pin heads, wire and rings to make them

I think this will help get ready for next year-because I am always involved in an exchange and have not knitted for me or my family

I may have to continue some of the above but as always-lists are subject to change.

God's Blessings and a very SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Vegasangelbrat AKA Mary January Goals

Hi Everyone! I'm excited about this as I sat Christmas Eve day finishing up a couple items I thought I had Thank you for who ever came up with this, I think its great!! Won't catch me next year without being ready :)

My goals are not only for gifts for next Christmas, but some for myself, Birthdays, spare just to have on hand and some to put in my Etsy store. This is what I have set to start Jan 1. Right now mostly crochet items, but I do plan for a few sewing items and possibly little knitting..well lets just say I'm still new at knitting. I can knit and purl and get lost in the

Gift-project/ Recipient/ Occasion

Fat Bottom Bag/ myself & gifts/ no occasion
Beaded Jute Basket/ ?? / gifts
Crochet Cupcake Bag/ granddaughter/ Birthday in March
Mary Jane Slippers/ sons girlfriend & self/ no occasion
WBP Bag (B-4 look alike)/ myself & store/ like to keep on hand
Market Bags/ etsy / gifts (these really hold alot of stuff, Iuse mine for packages too)

I'll be doing dishcloths and scrubbie bath sets too, thought make nice quick gifts for those unexpected times.

SpaceMonkey's January Goals!

Hello, everyone! Relatively new knitter here (I only learned how about 2 months ago), looking forward to the up coming year of projects.

But first, a thanks (again) to those of you who set this whole thing up, I plan on doing bigger projects this year and this'll be a great way to keep on track!

So; January Goals

Project / Recipient / Deadline

- Finish Irish Hiking scarf & armwarmers / Me / January
- Armwarmers / Housemate / January

That's it for now...

Milly's January Goals

Hi All, well this should be great fun and hopefully keep me on track for next year.

My January goals are:

1. Crew socks for Joann, late Christmas gift.
2. Shawl for Connie, her birthday
3. Shawl for my aunt for her birthday in November
4. Socks for myself, because I bought some really cool sock yarn recently\
5. Mittens for myself, because I lost one recently and need a new pair.
6. Finish hat for James, late Christmas gift. Scarf is done.

I hope I can get this all done and have a fresh list for February. Happy Knitting all!

Milly (listed on the side bar as Milissa)

Hi everyone

I am so glad to be doing this. I hope it will help come December 2008.
My goals for January:
1. Finish a scarf for my cousin.
2. Start and finish a 2 Moebius scarf for my Mother and Aunt
3. Start a pair of socks for me just got the yarn today.
4. Wristlet for my daughter
5. Yoga socks for my daughter

I have never tried a Moebius scarf. I got the book by Cat Bordhi for my anniversary. They look fun to do.
Hope everyone stays on schedule.

Cristina January Goals

Well, since I only have gifts to start giving in the middle of February. I think I’m going to start with some Christmas presents already!

Gift Item / Recipient / Occasion / Deadline

- ……………./Husband/Valentine’s day/Jan. 31
(still deciding if I do something for his laptop, or something for him to wear)
- Intarsia Christmas sock/Husband/Christmas/ Jan. 31
(I’m going to try to do a personalised sock)

I will, certainly had more items, but for now I think I had a black out, of all the things that I wanted to do.

Thank you for letting me in this wonderful game :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello my crafty sisters (and brothers?)!

I too am NOT going to fall prey to the chaos that was my most recent holiday season! Here is my January list:

1) Side Cable Slipper for my MIL for her birthday at the end of January.
2) Jennifer Hat for my aunt for Christmas '08
3) Gretel for me for my birthday. :-)

Those are my only things coming up January. Nice easy quick projects. Yay!

January Goals

Hi! My name is Manda, and I live in the East Bay area of California. I blog and podcast at Knitting Psychos.

Here are my list of goals so far (bold items are due at the end January):

Gift Item / Recipient / Occasion / Deadline

1) Coronet / Grandma / Christmas 2008 / Jan. 31
2) Strawberry Lime Socks / My Sister / Birthday (04/04/08) / Jan. 31

3) Rowan Tapestry Scarf / Undecided / Christmas 2008 / Feb. 29
4) Fetchings to match scarf / Undecided / Christmas 2008 / Feb. 29
5) Felted Clogs / My Stepdad / Christmas 2008 / Mar. 31
6) Dublin Bay Socks / TC / Birthday (4/18/08) / Mar. 31
7) Waving Lace Socks / Mom / Birthday (9/19/08) / Aug. 31
8) Peacock Feathers Shawl / Mom / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 10
9) PIF Socks / Teresa / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
10) PIF Socks / Renee / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
11) Charity Item / Sue / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
12) PIF Socks / Lisa / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)

Will add more as I think of them. :)

Not a HUGE list, but I have a lot of things that I want to finish in January!! :)

My Late Dec. to January Goals

Well, what really got me about this knit-along is that the goal is to knit things along the year so that I'm not in the same spot next year as I am this year.
So, my first things to make in January, are to finish this year's Christmas presents.
1. Scarf for Sherri - shouldn't take too long, doing it on a knifty knitter.
2. Scarf for Thomas - combining the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf pattern, and knitting it on the bias. Thought it might be neat.
3. Scarf for Solly - Thomas' dog. This'll be very quick since I found a project on a red knifty knitter - can just add a few more rows and bind off.

Then, to get started on projects for the 5 (that's right 5!) babies that I know that will be born this upcoming year. Oh no... I forgot, one set is twins. EGADS. Must be the water.

Super Excited- My January List

Hey all. I am so happy that someone is doing this. I seriously need help getting my stuff together and done

Here is my list. I will copying the format of Gift Item / Recipient / Occasion/ Deadline

1) Dad's Gansey / Dad/ Christmasand bithday/ February
2) Socks/ Mom/ Christmas Late/ January
3) Scarves/ Kids/ gifts for next year/
4) Pray Shawl/ Christine/ for her loss of her father/ASAP



Hello and my current list :o)

What a fantastic KAL! I learned to knit in Sept. 2006 and quickly realized that SERIOUS planning ahead is needed in order to make people gifts. I also learned NEVER to tell people I am making something for them (then I feel so much pressure and guilt to get the item done) ... people like surprises anyway, LOL! I do tell my boyfriend and mother ... they see me knitting all the time, so they know why their gift isn't done yet.

Here's my current list for the beginning of the year:

  1. January - Socks for Derek
  2. February - Sweater for Anthony (size 1 year)
  3. February/March - Scarf for mom (is a Christmas present, but I told her it wouldn't be done by xmas)
  4. May - Socks for Marion

I started Derek's socks and the scarf for my mom already. Anthony will be 1 year old in February, but he was born preemie so I think he's still a little small for his age (will give him more time to wear the sweater - at least that's what I tell myself, hahahah).


Heres my partial list:)

I call this my partial list, because once I get all this done, if i still have time I will add more too it.

I have four sons and a nephew that lives in my home, soooo

Scarf hat and mitten set for all 5 boys
Sweaters for all 5 boys
2 pair of socks for all 5 boys
At least 3 knitted toys for the 4 younger boys (My oldest is 14, and I really don't think he wants a knitted elephant,lol)
4 pair of socks for my sister who also lives with me
Sweater for my sister
Scarf and mittens for my sister

Jeepers, I think I need to have another baby, I just don't have enough stuff too knit this year
hides head, giggles, crosses legs and runs like the dickens...

I have a scarf I am working on right now for a Christmas gift for next year for one of the boys, it is a chevron scarf. Probably my oldest boy. When I get that finished and my dishcloth finished, I will start working on scarf and hat sets for next year:)


Sitting here pondering ...

thanks for accepting me in this fun kal.

I am sitting here, knitting on Jaywalker socks while pondering what to add on my list.

1. Knitted slippers to my daughter Kristin, whose birthday is on Jan 16.
2. Posekatta, a sewn cat that holds plastic bags, for my MIL for next Christmas.
3. Table cloth, sewn for my sister Katri for next Christmas.
4. A knitted and felted bag for Kristin, next Christmas.

Have a great evening

Pheelya's January List

Hello, hello everyone! I have to agree with BrownBerry and the excitement over this GAL! I tend to be a procrastinator, so I am praying that these monthly goals will keep me on track!

So here goes my January goals!

1. Waves Scarf - Sister - La Befana - January 6th
2. Fairy Blanket - niece - finishing from Christmas - January 31st
3. Christening blanket - Madelyn - baby gift - January 31st

I too have all my projects organized on Ravelry.

BrownBerry's January Gift List

Blue Sky Alpacas - Organic Cotton 2

I have to start by saying how thrilled I am to see the response to this Gift-a-Long. The more the merrier I say, and we're building quite a cheering section here. I am notorious for procrastinating, so I'm hoping to see the benefits of this GAL just like everyone else. To break my habit of waiting until the last minute, I'm going to start my gift list now:

Gift Item / Recipient / Occasion/ Deadline

1. Newborn Hat / Tina's Baby / Baby Gift / Jan 15
2. Newborn Hat / Raoul Jr / Baby Gift / Jan 25
3. Baby Bolero / Raoul Jr / Baby Gift / Jan 25
4. Grownup Bonnet / Opal / Just Because / Feb 15
5. Newborn Hat / Sandy's Baby / Baby Gift / Feb 28

I'm using my Ravelry queue to organize these items (feel free to visit my profile over there) .

Your turn! :) I will be tagging my posts with "[month] Gift List" to help keep track throughout the year. Using blogger's Dashboard and Post editing feature is much easier when things are tagged. If you want more info on using these features, just send me an email.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Made it through Christmas!

Well here we are, Boxing Day, and I have already made my list for knitting dishcloths xmas 08. I went through my pile of patterns and have marked the ones I would like to knit again or new patterns that I have had for a while but haven't had time to knit. I figure I can knit three a month, no problem, as well as my regular knitting.

Those this year who received fingerless mitts have already suggested a matching scarf for next year........ we'll see.

I still have one boys baby blanket to make for a January birthday and since we haven't heard of the new Christmas arrival, a brother or sister, will have another baby blanket to finish before I start any other 08 xmas knitting. I figure if I actually type it out, and see it posted I may stick to the plan?!? yeah right.

Ooops, got to run, we are supposed to be at the neighbors for dinner.......... later
Barbara aka Soccermom

2008 List started

Here is the beginning for my 2008 list. I plan on making several large felted bowls and filling each with hand sized face cloths - crocheted and knitted, along with a back scrubber (probably crocheted), a hand towel and assorted soaps or bath gels. The slouch hat (le slouche) that I knitted this year for myself and my mother was a big hit so I plan on knitting several of those. Hats and mittens are always called for. Some things will change later in the year and styles and wants change often when it comes to grandkids. I also plan on knitting more socks. I love the fetching fingerless mitts so will probably knit some of the dashing pattern too. Can't wait for each issue of knitty for more ideas.

Linda Bohrn

Raring to Go

Hi! I'm Deborah (goldiegirl for those on Ravelry). This is the first knitalong I've ever joined. I don't know how other gift knit alongs are structured, but I really like the "rules" of this one. Setting realistic monthly goals and posting regular updates are really going to motivate me to make gifts that I am going to be very happy to have a year from now.

I'm always telling myself that I don't knit much for other people - just the few that really appreciate it. But come December, I am wishing I had time to make more gifts instead of having to shop for random gifts.

So I've already taken all those last-minute ideas I had this year and started a list for the coming year. Most of the gifts I am planning to give are small ones (fingerless mitts, neckwarmers, tea cozies, etc.) Having the list makes it easier to target stash yarn that I can use up. I have also made a list of exactly what I'll need to buy, which will prevent overstashing.

I've also got several sewing projects on the list. I'm very excited about getting back into sewing, having abandoned it since I learned to knit about six years ago. One of my January projects is going to be a cotton kimono from Amy Butler's pattern book, In Stitches.

Thanks for starting this up, Marce!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

This will be great.... I think.....

I am very excited to be part of this knit along, As we speak I am hurriedly trying to finish my last holiday gift which is to be given TOMORROW! AAHHHH. If I can stop that from happening next year that would be great. Although, it may actually have served to add items to my project list.... as I started thinking of what I may have coming up in the next year, I have a lot more ideas for projects than I thought I would. I am so excited to get started, I'll be going through my calendar and patterns and blogs and websites to start organizing my "gift to do list." I should have a pretty decent list by the first of the year.

I also love the "gift idea" segment, I hope people keep adding to that. I think I am going to make the bag that is here for my mom's b-day.

Happy Holidays everyone, and remember "NOT THIS YEAR"

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hello from the South

Since the south or at least South Carolina does not seem to have any LYS near me. I have to rely on the internet for knitting support. I've always wanted to do a Christmas where all I have is knitted gifts. However, this year I promised the family (cousins, aunts, and uncles) a family cookbook. But, I do hope to throw in some knitted gifts for my mom, dad, and grandma! Here is hoping it won't be to bad...

Friday, December 21, 2007

What an Awesome Idea!!!

I think this is just great. Hopefully no more rushing to finish knitting gifts. Can I start now with my list ;-)