Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elizabeth's July re-cap and August List

Let's go over how August finished off.

  1. Muir for my sister-in-law (ravlink)(bloglink) / Christmas and Q3Challenge / September 30 / Notes: Using up stash yarn / FINISHED! I still needs to be blocked, and so I will post photos then ^_^ Yay!

  2. Bridesmaid scarf (ravlink) / Wedding / September 2009 / Notes: Each bridesmaid is getting something different, and this is the first of five / Frogged it. Starting over.

  3. Neck Warmer for Rin (ravlink) / Random / FINISHED!

  4. Woodland Shawl (ravlink) / Recipient: Myself / Q3Challenge / September 30 / Notes: I didn't even start it. I had better get on it though!

September List!

1. Gift Item: Bridesmaid Victorian Lace scarf (ravlink)
Recipient: Kim, fiancé's sister
Occasion: Wedding
Deadline: September 2009
Notes: Made some progress, and then decided to start over. The new pattern is called Victorian Ruby (rav link) and can be found in Victorian Lace Today. It's a fantastic book, and I'm really enjoying kitting this piece. I finished the first section yesterday, and made good progress on the center panel.

2. Gift Item: Woodland Shawl (ravlink)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: Q3Challenge
Deadline: September 30
Notes: I had better do this! Good thing the victorian lace project (above) is going so quickly! I think with this project I won't have enough time to do anything else, so the socks will have to wait until November.

3. Gift Item: Hat Attack (website)
Recipient: Target
Occasion: crazy swap thing
Deadline: September 16
Notes: The contest starts september 16th, and it's a "kill or be killed" thing. Lol. Fun times!

August update

August was an odd month - mainly baby clothes, for me! I managed to finish a gift bag of new baby things for my neice[ execting her first baby in October] as well as a bundle of baby clothes for the new arrival's Christmas gift. Also got a Merino hood/scarf done for my middle son's partner to go into her Christmas stocking. I'm already thinking I need to keep up with this blog next year!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

FO: Wickerware Socks

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Year Long Gift-A-Long.

These socks have been a long time coming.

I've had to rip back several times. I screwed up the stitch pattern more than once, messed up one of heels and somehow did the Kitchener Stitch backwards. And those are just the mistakes I remember. The pattern isn't hard as far as sock patterns go, but these socks lost their "mojo" at times.

To recap, this is the Wickerware Socks pattern. The pattern calls for two sizes of needles, a smaller size for the ribbing and a larger size for the rest of the sock. I used US Size 0 and US Size 00 dpns from my Susan Bates Sock Needle Set

The yarn is Austermann Step in colorway 04. This yarn is infused with jojoba and aloe vera to make it extra soft. The jojoba and aloe vera are supposed to last for 40 washings. The recipient is diabetic, and I thought the aloe vera would be good for his feet. These socks are "man socks" so they took almost all of the ball, although I probably have enough left for a pair of baby socks.

This is a Christmas gift for a male relative. It feels good to get these done.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

pics of the goods

pics are out of order. #2- this is the orange shell.  finished and frogged.  made it out of cotton and it just doesn't fit right.  off to start the blanket, curve of pursuit.

3.-I purchased this yarn last summer during one of Elann.s bag sale.  Esprit yarn.  very stretchy and didn't know that when I ordered it.  shell fits comfortably well and is perfect for work.

1.-this is the shrug I purchased the alpaca/silk yarn for last summer as well.  started and frogged a few times.  Still have to block it, but it fits nice.  

Have finished a  baby jumper and almost completed the matching kimono sweater.

Happy knitting everyone!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally... another FO

Finished the KISS Purse (Sally Melville) and finally put the grommets in... it was a fun knit and pretty quick once I got the pattern going. Even the inside looks pretty good post-felting!

Mystery Kiss Bag

Now off to work on my Q3 challenge!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm back with new goals

I had to take a step back from the year long goals. My mojo left me for a bit but it's back. I have two goals.

1. Finish a pair of fingerless mittens by mid September
2. Start a Lady E stole (although mine will have a different name) - completion goal for this one is Christmas.

I'll have new goals ones the fingerless mittens are done.

Everyone's Finished Objects look great!!!!! :)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

easy peasy crochet bag

Just finished my easy peasy crochet bag for a friend who is turning SIX next week. There is a free pattern for this on my blog. It is a perfect beginner project... you only need to be able to work chain stitch and single crochet (US) It is worked using three strands of yarn held together, so it works up so quickly! There is also a simple lining tutorial so you can finish off the bag beautifully.

I'm definitely going to make some more of these to set aside for gifts.


FO: Center Square

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Year Long Gift-A-Long.

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This hat defies math. Or something.

<span class=

I'm proud of my first stranded colorwork project. It really evened out after I blocked it. The problem is that it's waaaaayyy too small.

<span class=

What really confuses me is that the gauge measures at 4 stitches per inch, what the pattern calls for, now that it's been blocked. (Actually, it's a little on the large side. The pattern calls for 16.5 stitches per four inches, or 4.125 stitches per inch.) But it seems to be toddler size, or child size. I thought I might be able to stretch it over my head if I pulled hard enough, but I didn't want to stretch it out of shape.

<span class=

I just double checked the the pattern and it says the finished circumference is 15.5 inches unstretched. I measured the finished circumference at around 16 inches. (I tried to stretch it a lot when I blocked it.) Is this really an adult hat? The math adds up to a kids' hat. I know my head is a little on the big side, but the Craft Yarn Council considers the average adult woman to have a head that's about 20 inches in circumference. The pattern says snug fit, but four and a half inches of negative ease?

<span class=

So I'm debating what to do with my tiny hat. Will it fit an adult? I have some kids on my Christmas list, but no toddlers. If all else fails, I'll probably donate it to the Dulaan Project or Afghans for Afghans. It's very warm.

<span class=

To review, this is the Center Square hat from Knitty. I used Cascade 220 Superwash in 801 Army Green and 819 Chocolate. It took less than one skein of each color. I knit it with 40" Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles in US Size 4. (I used the Magic Loop Technique.)

<span class=

The completion of this hat fulfills several goals. It's a Ravelympics entry in the Colorwork Cross Country, Hat Dash and Gift Knits Pentathlon events. It's also part of the Year Long Gift-A-Long Q3 Challenge as my "something new." Finally, it fulfills number 21 on 101 goals in 1,001 days list - knit a colorwork project.

<span class=

I'm such a knitting geek.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't believe it's August already

I've been busy knitting for the Q3 challenge.  finished a shell, shrug and cast on the third item.  

Hope to be finished this week.  Have a couple more afghans and a table cloth to complete.  


Saturday, August 16, 2008

What happened to July?

Where did July go?! I'm impressed with everyone who has kept plugging away at their gift list! I have to admit mine has completely been waylaid by lack of knitting time due to the baby, and then we just moved last week so now I can't find anything! I do have plans for the holiday season and I hope to get back on track soon.

Here's my very short list for August:

  • Koolhaus hat / Brother / Christmas
  • 2 advent baby socks / Family / December

I might as well post the rest of my list as well!

  • 2 felted strawberry bags / Nieces / November (need time to ship!)
  • Market bag / SIL #1 / November (same as above)
  • Log Cabin Socks / FIL / December
  • Socks / Mom / December
  • Mittens / Aunt D / December
  • Teapot Cozy / Aunt S / December
  • 24 advent baby socks in total (so far I have done 6)
Of course there are other ideas out there -- I want to make some things for my boys and my hubby but I haven't decided what yet. I considered taking part in the Q3 challenge in that I'm trying to finish a cardigan for me, I should finish the felted squirrel for the lad, and I need to do that hat for my brother! But I'm not sure I should commit because I might not get there! It would help if I could find my needles first.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two more pairs finished - five to go ...

I managed to finish two more pairs of socks, in my quest to knit 10 pairs for my nieces and nephews and their respective partners for Christmas 2008.
The pair on the left are Blueberry Waffle Socks, for my nephew in Arizona. The pair on the right are Bon-bon Socklettes, for one of my nieces.

Blueberry Waffles Socks

Here are the details, if you are interested.

Pattern: Blueberry Waffle Socks

Yarn: Socka 50, colorway 9420, 2 skeins.

Needles: US 1.5

Modifications: The original pattern is written for worsted weight yarn, but I used the Socka which is a fingering weight. Basically I just applied the pattern stitch to my usual sock pattern.

Comments: These are an easy knit, very cushy, and they look great! One of those times when they look more complicated than they actually are ...

Pattern: Bon-bon Socklettes (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Regia Color 4-ply, colorway 2060 (yellow) and 5026 (multi), 1 skein each.

Needles: US 2

Modifications: Unintentional. Only when I went to check something on the actual printed pattern when beginning the second sock did I realize that I failed to do the p2 in between the stitches that created the faux cable. I just made sure that I did the same thing on the second sock and it was all OK. Another time when the actual pattern called for worsted weight wool, and I used fingering weight. I had about 3 yards left of the yellow yarn when I was ready to start the toe.

Comments: These took some concentration (even though it turned out that I wasn't following the directions!), but the rhythm is established, they go pretty quickly. I'm really pleased with the final result.

I must admit that I would like to be a little further along on my 10 pairs, but I think halfway isn't too bad either ...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August FO--Cutest Booties

After messing up, running out of yarn and starting over, I finished what I call the cutest booties ever -- the Moc-a-Soc booties. I'll definitely be making more of these.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Aaaacckk! I can't believe it's Aug 10th already...

A couple of FOs to share (I haven't even really formed my Aug list yet!)

Tidal Wave Socks (tbd):

Dumpling Bag from She-Knits (pattern was in new IK) for M. for Christmas
(it's much cuter in person!)

For the rest of August:

Baby Poonam sweater for my cousin's baby
Sally Melville's KISS Purse
and the ever-rolledover Jaywalkers

If I'm lucky I'll start another one of my challenge items - socks for L.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August list, and july recap

First July, then August.

July was painfully bad for “planned” gift-knitting, and surprisingly awesome for ‘unplanned’ gift-knitting. To re-cap:

  1. Slippers for my Dad (ravlink)(bloglink) / Christmas and Q3Challenge / December 08 / FINISHED!
  2. Muir for my sister-in-law (ravlink)(bloglink) / Christmas and Q3Challenge / September 30 / Notes: Using up stash yarn / Oh, how I fail. I worked diligently for half the month, then got bored and worked on other things instead. Boo.
  3. Bridesmaid scarf (ravlink)(bloglink) / Wedding / September 2009 / Notes: Each bridesmaid is getting something different, and this is the first of five / I actually got pretty far on the first one. I feel reasonably close to the end, and am proud of my progress!
  4. Headband for Alexandra (ravlink)(bloglink) / Birthday / July 26th 2008 / Finished in record time. Used up some yarn in my stash and knit up something quick for a lady who wants for nothing but time :)
  5. Neck Warmer for Rin (ravlink) / Random / Pending buttons / Photos coming soon!

And so! I have much more hope for August. I am going to try and be more organized about August, and plan better for gifts. No more like July!

1. Gift Item: Muir (ravlink)(bloglink)
Recipient: Sister-in-law
Occasion: Christmas / Q3Challenge
Deadline: September 30
Notes: I am determined that I will not flake out on this project this month. Just because I hate working with the yarn does not mean that the final result will not be worth all this effort.

2. Gift Item: Bridesmaid Saigon Scarf (ravlink)(bloglink)
Recipient: Kim, fiancé's sister
Occasion: Wedding
Deadline: September 2009
Notes: I made a lot of progress last month, and think that I can finish it in August.

Close-up of chart 2:

Close-up of chart 4 (in progress):

3. Gift Item: Fuzzy neck warmer (ravlink)
Recipient: Rin
Occasion: Just because
Deadline: August 30
Notes: I need to sew on buttons, weave in some ends, and ship it out to her.

4. Gift Item: Woodland Shawl (ravlink)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: Q3Challenge
Deadline: September 30
Notes: I keep putting other projects ahead of this one. This is probably why it's in the Q3Challenge to knit something for yourself, because we always leave ourselves til the end. I WILL start this project this month.

July Wrap-up and August List

Here was my July List:

1. Keep working on the Modern Quilt Wrap, Grandma's Birthday, August 15th -DONE!

2. Keep working on the Honeymoon Cami, for me, for funsies - ROLLOVER

3. Keep working on Seascape, for someone, for xmas - 1 CHART REPEAT LEFT

4. Finish You are my Sunshine, for mick and sam's baby, end of July -DONE!

5. Finish pair of Dashing if the mood strikes me, gift box, Christmas - ROLLOVER

6. Elope, Caryn, July 19th (bridal shower) - DONE!

And my Q3 Challenge List:

Something Old- my so called scarf- i knit a little on this

Somthing New- Socks for Betsy- DONE!

Something for Me- Slouchy Beret- Swatched for.

So my list for August:

1. Keep working on the Honeymoon Cami, for me, for funsies

2. Finish pair of Dashing if the mood strikes me, gift box, Christmas

3. Something Old- my so called scarf

4. Something for Me- Slouchy Beret

5. Teddy Bear (2) - new babies- plane knitting

August Goals

My August goals are to finish some WIP's.

* Burgundy Cup Cozie - for ? - for Xmas - finish by end of month
* Flourish Bookmark - for Pat - for birthday in November - finish by end of month

and then maybe start on a few new gifts:

* Knitted wire bracelet - for Rachael - for Xmas - finish by December 1st
* Helter Skelter socks in Brown - for Cath - for Xmas - finish by December
* Bookmark - for David - for birthday in October - finish by October 1st

Monday, August 4, 2008

Q3 Challenge FO

I finished one of my Q3 challenge projects: make something old. These chevron socks have been hibernating for about a year. They're not hard, but for whatever reason I just wasn't in the mood for working that heel. The pattern/template is from "Sensational Knitted Socks." When I picked it back up, I breezed right through it. I guess sometimes giving a project a rest is a good thing.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I've completely lost track of where I was heading with all these gifts! I need to do some more planning to make sure I am organised for the holiday season...

Meanwhile... this little guy is for a baby shower gift

(details on my blog)


July FO and August To-Do

I was able to finish my first toe-up socks for my pre-schooler. I used Knit Picks Risata. I'll definitely use this method again. I was almost finished with the booties for my friend when I messed up and had to start one of them again, and then ran out of yarn.

My gift list for August is kind of full for me, but I'll give it a shot:

  • Moc-a-Soc booties/friend's newborn/August 8

  • Evangeline tunic/Ravelympics and Q3 project for myself/August 24

  • Gift for my swap buddy/August 31

Friday, August 1, 2008

Holidays in August - Birgit's gift list

Hi there,

now it's August and in two days we're going on holidays and I did not even begin the July gift. My friend gave the envelope with her foot measurements to the post office just this morning. Maybe I'll knit them in the holidays.

My gift list for August is as short as always:
it's a baby blanket for the daughter of my best friend!

Sunny days

August Gift Lists - We Can Do It!

[cross-posted in our Ravelry group]

Bye bye July! Hello August!

It’s the hottest month of the year here and yet I still find the will to knit with wool, knowing that in a couple months, I’ll be glad I did :)

How are your lists coming along? Are you starting to feel any pressure to get bigger items done?

I think of this month as sort of like the “hump” month - once we get into September, the seasonal feelings begin and the pressure can start to creep in - but only if we let it!

Let’s encourage each other this month to make and clear out those lists. We’ll be glad we did!

I’ll be back soon to add my list - I look forward to seeing yours!