Monday, March 31, 2008

Ditto, Lori!

I surrender as well. I had grand plans, but life, other pursuits, and gifts with earlier deadlines interfered. I've done a lot of gift knitting, mind you, just not for the last quarter of the year. Sigh . . .

I am hereby updating my gift-a-long to do list:

1. Hazy Paves scarf - mom - Christmas gift - December 1
2. Felted clogs - husband - Christmas gift - December 15
3. Baby afghan - friend - new grandbaby - October
4. French Market Bag - friend - birthday - June 1
5. Cupcake - friend - birthday - July 1

Wish me luck. And I wish you all happy knitting.

indytricoter's April List

Here is my April List

1. Cell Phone Sleeve/husband/ belated valentine's day present
2. Golf Club Cover/husband/anniversary gift/May 1
3. Set of 3 Can Cozies/ brother in law/aniversary gift/may 1
4. Hat/husband/belated valentines day - yes this is still the hat I have been making for months. I just am not motivated. He can't wear it anymore and it is nice, I am daydreaming about lighter knits right now and just can't focus on it. It may not get done this month either, but having it on here helps me at lest to make progress on it.

It ain't gonna happen....

Despite my best efforts, I'm throwing in the towel. My goal for the challenge was two pairs of fingerless gloves. I've just attached the thumb on the 4th glove, so I'm close...but tired. I did manage to complete Marin's birthday hat, and she is adorable in it. I'll post pics when I get back home (business trip). Congrats to those that are eligible for the challenge contest!

Just Under the Wire

Whew... Just made it.

Here are my entries for the Quarterly Challenge.

Paris-Roubaix Hat, Mittens and Scarf2008-03-21 18-44-05_Edited

A hat knit for my brother for Christmas 2008. The yarn is from Brooks Farm Yarn Mas Acero and the pattern is Paris-Roubaix from Knitspot.

I made a matching pair of mittens using the same yarn and pattern.
Paris-Roubaix Hat, Mittens and Scarf2008-03-21 18-42-06_Edited

I'm also knitting the matching scarf (but it isn't an entry)
Paris-Roubaix Hat, Mittens and Scarf2008-03-21 18-40-25_Edited

I hope I can get my computer issues fixed so I can post more regularly. I have enjoyed seeing everybody else's stuff.

5th item on my March list done!

Whew, made it just in time. Finished up that last QC item last night which is posted already and today I finished my socks! I did the toe are during my lunch break and just finished up the heel here at home. Took my pics and pair of pedicure socks with a make shift-hope I did it right toe put
Now that I know how socks work I will be putting socks on my monthly list and ones with a
Hope everyone gets to get their items in on time..your all doing a fantastic job!! Making my list
Now on to making a April list!!

Squeaking in with 2 baby hats

I have finished 2 baby hat that I am going to send to Save the Children, our LYS is collecting them till May 1st and I want to be able to donate some this year.

I made them with 1 ball of country blue, Beehive/Patons Shetland Chunky (50gr) ball.... Can you tell how long I have had this yarn! hehe Any way... they knitted up quick and easy. I have the one sewn and will sew the other with in the hour.

Going to make a few purple ones this time and then some red.

Happy knitting!

Leigh Ann

Q1 Challenge Is Finally Finished!!!!

Made it by the skin of my teeth!

I have finished two identical Calorimetries for my nieces!
Woo Hoo! It's nice to be able to get stuff done and post it here. They have seen a picture of it on my blog but they don't know it's for them. They read my blog all the time and I can't say a thing about them. But I'm just so excited that I have two presents finally finished!

Thanks for running this!
Visit my Blog!
The Misplaced Midwesterner

Carrie's March Progress

Here's a recap of my list for March:
  • Shedir hat / SIL #2 / Christmas / December
  • Fetchings / friend's mom / Christmas / December
  • Baby hat / baby / baby due date / April 18th
  • Golf club cover / Mom / birthday / mid-March (for mailing)
I can't believe it, but everything is finished!! That's a first :) I only have pics of the first two though. Here's Shedir (my first Q1 Challenge submission!):

And here's the Fetchings (second Q1 submission):

Both of these were knit to spec with the suggested yarns, another first! Loved both projects. Hope the recipients do as well! I LOVE having something done for December in MARCH!

The baby hat also turned out fabulously; and I've even started the baby sweater. The golf club covers are up for debate. It's clear that 1) I don't do duplicate stitch very well, and 2) I have no idea what shape a golf club is. Hopefully my mom will give me some feedback so I can make some more and add changes if necessary :)

Next to ponder is the April list! I'm expecting a little one so the list will be short. Very, very short.

Easy Peasy… NOT!!!

For some reason, March got away from me. I don’t feel like I got a lot done. Eh. Whatevs. Perhaps it is the fact that I will be moving across the country in two weeks. Maybe I just got lazy. Well, here is what I accomplished.

1. fininsh that stupid skarf! (DONE!! It only took me six months.!!)
2. a hat for my old roomie, by monday night!!! (DONE!! The malabrigo was totally awesome, even if I did finish it late, and had to mail it off)
3. start a babette (at least 10 squares). ROLLOVER
4. start a pair of socks (my first ever) ROLLOVER but I did swatch for them.
5. a slouchy copy cat hat for my sister. (to be kept in queue until I want to make this.)
6. a ripple afghan (by MAY) ROLLOVER I am half way done.
7. four dishcloths ROLLOVER again with the halfway dones!

in april i also want to swatch for a CPH, cast on some fingerless gloves, and maybe a pair of Mosey. i know that seems like a bunch, but I am hoping that I get quite a lot done in april, as I will be having two weeks of vacationing, and traveling by car.

And sorry for the lack of pictures, but it is 2:30 in the morning, and I don’t feel like dealing with my camera

2nd Quarter Challenge Item Done!

Woo-Hoo I did it!! I'm glad to say that I've worked all day on this gift item and it really was a challenge as far as the pattern went.

The Snow Girl Outfit
Made from Caron Simply Soft in Off White with Soft Pink and Bone stripes. The scarf and hat have been done for quite a while but the sweater I'll be going to the Potty mouth I was at this baby..I had a hard time with the way the pattern was written, but I fumble through it and well looks good to me! I finished it with the buttons I had on hand, but I most likely will change those out once payday is here. But it is DONE!! That's my second QC!
Now to finish my sock which is just about done so hopefully be posting that tomorrow after I get home from work! Its my last item for March so I'll be making my hook fly so it done by tomorrow.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sara's April List

I'm just having so much fun with this gift-a-long and getting tons of knitting done! I finished everything except the pair of socks last month, so I'm putting those on this month's list to finish. 

April List:
1. Finish Socks, for me just because; 1.5 down, .5 to go
2. My So Called Scarf, xmas gift box. 
3. More washcloths, gift box
4. Dashing, Brian, xmas

There are a bunch of scarves I really want to make as well, but not sure yet which I'll cast on. I'm looking at Drop Stitch Scarf and Stork's Nest Scarf among others. I've been doing an awesome job of knitting all the gifts just from my stash, but I don't yet have the right yarn for the dashing, and I'm hoping to make several pair for gift's for the guys in my life. It's possible I could get away with holding two yarns together, but I may just have to make a trip to my lys for some new yarn!

Last two gifts finished

Last two gifts finished - this Pidge Podge neck warmer and this Purple Cup Cozy.

Finished items for March:
* Pidge Podge (Xmas present)
* Cup Cozy (Xmas present)
* Burgundy Helter Skelter socks (Xmas present)
* Pink Helter Skelter socks (Xmas present)
* Maine Morning Mitts ('just because' present)

I'm really pleased this gift-a-long is keeping me on track, and I won't be panicking nearer Xmas!

Thinking about next months gift list ...

March FO's and April Goals

So... I couldn't find my goals for March, but I'm pretty sure I got every thing done. All 3 of my friend's new nephews have hats, and the woman at work who's due next month has a hat and a bib.
Also finished up the felted mice for my cats, which, were sadly ignored. Luckily my mom was quite impressed!

For April,
1 more set of Bib and Hat for another pregnant co-worker.
Working on a Kitty Pi for my 2nd cat who we adopted about a month ago. I'm excited because its my 1st attempt at knitting in the round. I got it onto circular needles last night. Just started it March 25th so I'm pretty proud of myself!

Also cast on and I've done about 5 rows on a baby blanket for my friend due in July. I hope to have that finished by May.
And, I know its too late for the 1q Challenge, but I bought yarn to make Christmas Present scarves for 2 friends of mine.

Pheelya's March Update

WOW! My March list is complete - All 5 items!! I'm so excited!!

First up is SotSii Clue 3 completed! I do not recommend working with cobweb weight lace for your first ever lace project. Trust me on that! I can't tell you how many times I started over or frogged rows and tinked back stitch after stitch. And learn the value of life lines in lace! You can see that I have two still in mine currently.


Next up is the Stained Glass Afghan that will probably be a year long project. The blanket requires 357 squares. I am hoping to have the squares completed by November so that I can put them all together in December.
Squares for Stained Glass Afghan
Pattern: Stained Glass Afghan from Vanna's Afghan's from A to Z
Yarn: Lion Brand Chenille
Hook: size H

Lastly are my first pair of socks!! I love the yarn I used!!

Pattern: Tidal Wave
Yarn: Sheila Rovelstad Designs Sock yarn (Ravelry link)
Needles: Addi Turbos size 2 - 12"
Modifications: I switch to a short row heel and I carried the pattern down the top of the foot.

I had posted about the Fetchings in an earlier post. Now to figure out what I'm going to do in April!

End of March update

I was really pleased to get my two items finished off for the Q1 challenge - but even better, I'm able to add two new gifts to my list. Both my neice and my nephew's wife are expecting babies[first ones for both of them!] so I will have a lovely excuse to do some pretty baby knitting ;)

Burgundy Helter Skelter socks finished

Finished these Helter Skelter socks last night, a Xmas present for a friend.

Currently finishing off my Pidge Podge Neckwarmer, and hope to have this and another cup cozy finished by tonight, which will complete my March gift list.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Leigh Ann's March FO's and Gifts

Well it was a quite month for me so far but I did manage to get two more scarves done for Christmas and another set of dishcloths. These ones are the Valentine Heart box ones. So cute!

Will post pictures later - I have to find the camera. Not sure where I put it. I might of left it at my mom's at Easter.

That should bring me up to 11 finishes for the contest. I wish it was more but work and life are getting in the way of the knitting.


Here are the lofty goals I am setting for April:
Straker Brioche Sweater for DH's Christmas present
Ribbed hat for friend's Christmas Present
Baby Bog for friend's baby due in September
Baby Surprise Jacket for friend's baby due in August
Here I go!!!

March Completions!!!

I am so excited!! Here are the three projects that I completed for March!!
Here they ARE:

This is Sheldon from Knitty
He is a baby gift for a friend.

I know...I didn't knit these but I am so proud because this is the first outfit that I made with the sewing machine I received for my birthday! This dress is a baby gift for my great-niece.

These are socks that I made for my Husband

March Mad Hatter - and one scarf

March was a successful hat knitting month - here they are modeled by Raina - highschooler, actor and musician extraordinaire.  Hopefully she will have forgotten about them by the time Christmas rolls around, so her gifts will be somewhat of a surprise!
Pink Messenger Cap from Stitch and Bitch Nation - with one strand of Cascade 220

Straun, by Yosolda
Tweed Messenger Hat from Stitch and Bitch Nation.  I used two strands of yarn, pink Cascade 220 and a fingering weight hand dye from Briar Rose fibers.
Fountain Hat by Katie Himmelberg from the fingering weight Briar Rose Fibers yarn.

Spiral Conch Hat - great for a little one.
And finally the Rainy Day Scarf, delicious in Malabrigo! 

Happy April to everyone!!

april list

putting my april list up now... because that will force me to think about things NOW instead of when the month is already half over

baby afghan...
my own design... newborn... due june

hot water bottle cover...
pattern testing for a fellow raveller... gift for mum of the above newborn... due june

one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater...
my own design... for above baby... due june

mudkip cuddle toy...
my own design... for my son's birthday... mid april

adult afghan/wrap/throw/something along those lines...
my own design... for dear friend's 40th... mid april

FO: Skinny Eve Scarf

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Year Long Gift-A-Long.

Here is Poncho Pig making his modeling debut. Just imagine if I made a scarf that actually fit him.

As I mentioned earlier I left my knitting bag with most of my current knitting projects at my parent's house last week. So I had no choice to cast on something new. Fortunately, I had something on my list of Christmas gifts to make.

I bought some Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Paint at Hill Country Weavers last fall. I probably could have made this scarf a little wider, but I wanted length over width. It only took me a little more than one and a half skeins in colorway 8817. I also used the wooden US size 8 knitting needles I got in my Knitters Scavenger Hunt package.

This is the same ribbing I used in this scarf and this scarf. I'm not sure if it's technically the Brioche Rib or the Eve's Rib. (Hence the name.) I used the stitch I found in this pattern. It's a great stitch, and I love how it looks with the hand painted yarn. I also like the way it pooled diagonally.

Don't Hate on the Fun Fur

I'm including a bonus WIP, a simple fun fur scarf out of Lion Brand Fun Fur Stripes. The yarn was provided from a friend from church, who asked me to some scarves out of it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bag Link

Hi everyone, thanx so much for the lovely comments about my bag and the scarf. I'm just popping in here quickly to share the link for the bag, it's very easy to make, it's just babette-type squares and only took me about 3 evenings to make. Wait til you see the original, it's SO pretty!!

Michelle W (in Oz) xxx

Barbara's March list

I don't know where the month has gone but I have only finished two scarves and they aren't on my March knit list. I guess I'll be rolling over March into April. I better start knitting!

March FO and revisited list

Hi all... I can't believe March is almost over... I finshed the lace scarf (don't have the pattern link handy, but it's in Ravelry if you're interested).

Mist Lace Scarf-blocked

Here's my modified March list:

Carryover: Celtic Cable bag/S bday/March 16 => DONE
Wrap Cardi /Isabel/March 22 => DONE
Thrummed Mitts/DF/March 31 (getting too warm - will add to future winter list!)
Malabrigo Lace scarf/Xmas/March 31 => DONE
Jaywalker Socks/tbd/March 31 - doubt I'll finish these, but have a couple of days left!

- JavaNut

March Items Finished

Hi everyone, I'm glad to say I've finished my March list, these are the two last items. The first is a knitted scarf from hairy yarn, I actually put two variegated yarns together and it came out very pretty.

The second is this bag, I've got another one of these in completely different colors on the hook now.

I guess I'd better start thinking about my April list! I must say I'm SO enjoying watching my little pile of gifts grow, it's such a great satisfying feeling.
Michelle W (in Oz)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally another FO.

Socks for mom. Hedera, by Cookie A., anklet style. Used Colinette Jitterbug in Allzarine. Knit on two size 1 circs.

Another Finished Object

I finished the cell phone cozy for my MIL. I have decided not to make the change purse at this time because I can't decide which pattern I want to use. I already took the necksavers off my list so that just leaves finishing the hat.

Basic Black

Hi everyone. I have been a very bad about posting my projects on the gift-a-long. Here I have a basic black sweater that I will be gifting to my daughter by the end of the month. The yarn is Jeannee Plymouth Yarn. It is 51%cotton/49%acrylic worsted weight.

March FO

Yay - I can take another project off the WIP list! And I can pat myself on the back for finishing my first sweater! This is a gift for me - the Easy Raglan V-neck, by Stefanie Japel. I used Beaverslide Worsted in Huckleberry Heather. The sweater came out a little smaller than I would’ve liked, but it’s still wearable, and not bad for a first sweater, I think. The pattern was simple and easy to follow. I added a single crochet edging to the V. It got really boring near the end, so my next sweater/garment will be something slightly more adventurous!

Since I was working on finishing this project, I was unable to start my 2nd project for the First Quarter Challenge - drat!

Elizabeth's March wrap-up and April List

March was a very good month for me with this yearl long gift-a-long. I managed to finish two gifts, and even have the yarn so I can start two others. I have the yarn and the patterns, now all I need is the drive to knit them! I did start the second sleeve of Thermal this week, and hopefully will have it finished in April! Here is the march wrap-up, and below that, my list for April. Happy Spring everyone! (Even if it is snowing today...)


1. Gift Item: Tura Maeve Dress in blue (pattern) (ravelry)
Recipient: My niece-to-be
Occasion: Baby being born
Deadline: March 30 (shower date)
Other info: It was a huge hit at the baby shower this weekend. Thank you so much for all the comments and the support!

2. Gift Item: No Sew Slippers in Bohemian Green Tea (pattern) (ravelry) by Kate Pullen
Source: 10,000 Great Ideas
Recipient: Chris, my boyfriend
Occasion: Cold Feet are an occasion right?
Completed: March 25, 2008


1. Gift Item: Thermal (ravelry)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: Because I haven't knit anything for myself in awhile and thought I was due
Deadline: This month baby
Other info: So I finally got off my lazy butt and started the second sleeve. Now there's even hope of me finishing this sweater in April as I had hoped! Pictures ^___^

2. Gift Item: Cabled Fingerless Mittens
Recipient: Anna
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: December 2008
Other info: I have the yarn, and I plan to knit using a cable pattern from a book I got for my birthday. This item is being carried forward from March.

3. Gift Item: Hand bag or Purse
Recipient: Chantelle
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: December 25, 2008
Other info: something like the pics below

4. Gift Item: Voyager Lace Stole in JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk (pattern) (ravelry) by Shui Kuen Kozinski and Benne Ferrel
Recipient: Rin
Occasion: Birthday
Deadline: June 7, 2008
Other info: I've purchased the yarn and chosen a pattern. Here's the yarn:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Totoro Inspired Birthday Present for Tomoka

My friend Ami modeling the hat

Birthday girl!

MaryB Slippers- FO

Well my felted slippers/clogs are done. I need to reshrink the one just a bit as its not quite the same, but it works for me. Just need to shave them up and clean the one up real good..lots of lint on I will definitely be making more of these so they will be on future lists. At least now I know as BIG as they were, they will shrink down.
Can tell the right one didn't turn out exactly the same, but its just a bit big so I'll be throwing it in again. But they are finished!!

The progress on my sock is coming along as you can see, just need to finish this one up and I'll be done my list.
It sure looks huge too, but does fit.

Now for that dang sweater for my Q1 Challenge, I need to get to work on it still. Hoping to get that done, just so I don't have to deal with it

Hope you all have a great knitting/crocheting day!!