Friday, February 29, 2008

February FO's

I haven't had much time to be checking in but I did manage to finish two of my three goals for the month:

1. Cabled Headband - a holiday gift for an unknown recipient - maybe a teacher or one of my nieces, paired with a Starbucks gift certificate.
Cabled Headband

2. A pair of socks from leftover sock yarn
Warm Woolies Socks

that I sent off to

Not sure if this technically counts as a gift, but I think it should. While we are thinking of little luxuries for those on our gift lists, shouldn't we also be thinking of those who really need warm things?

I didn't get to sewing the retro apron and potholder for a friend's birthday in November, but that will go onto my March list.

Squeaking in with a 4th FO

Thank goodness there's 29 days this month! lol I have finished up the scarf I started mid-month. Its a multi-coloured and is called multi-fizz. I don't have the tag with me at the moment.

I just started another scarf but not sure if I will get it done tonight or not.

Happy Leap Year!

Leigh Ann

February FO's

Happy February 29th!  Earlier, I had posted the unfelted version of the Bev Galaskas' clogs, so here is what they look like after felting.  I wasn't sure how the embroidery would look, but I'm pretty happy with the way they came out.  Will be perfect for one of the men in my family for Christmas.

 I was able to finish the calla lily bag which is now ready for felting.  
In between knitting and knitting and knitting on the bag, I added the messenger cap from Stitch and Bitch Nation, just to break up the knitting and knitting and knitting on the bag.  The cap was such a fun project, I decided that I will do more hats in March! gift-a-long list.

I finally sat down and started a list of my gifts. I know two months late but I'm here right!!

For my friend Kelly who is having a baby.
1. 2 Baby Bibs
2. 2 Burb cloths
3. Baby booties
4. Baby Blanket - Using the log cabin pattern.

Christmas Gifts for sisters:
1. Swiffer Covers
2. Dishcloths

My fiance for his birthday in April
1. Boobie pillow. (it's a secret)

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll have more.

March Gift List

Here is my gift list for March:
  • Springing Up Flowers Dishcloth/Mom/Just Because/March 30
  • Koolhaas/Jack/Christmas/March 30
  • First Sweater (finish up)/me/Just Because/March 25

Happy Knitting, everyone!

The final day of February

I am very pleased that I was able to finish two knitted projects this month and did start on the third.

The Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood is now being worn by my daughter and the Baby Kimono is complete and ready for the birth of Baby Kirkman any day now.

The Hemlock Knit Ring Throw is progressing well and I am into the feather and fan pattern already.

As for the month of March:
1. Finish the Hemlock Knit Ring Throw in the first week of March
2. Another baby sweater for an April baby
3. Scarf for my nephew for next winter

This blog is really helping to keep me working hard at project completion!

February all wrapped up!

I have completed all the February goals...that must mean it is time for a March list. The shawl was completed at Stitches West on Feb. 24 and it is wonderful; today I finished the scarf.

So, for March:
1. Baby hat / Marin's first birthday / Mar. 7
2. Nucks / Nicole / Christmas / Mar. 31
3. Nucks / Allie / Christmas / Mar.31
4. Socks / Me / Just because / Mar. 31

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting...


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fourth February Item Done

Hi this is a little girls bag knitted from feathers yarn, very quick, easy and cute. Is anyone else having problems with Blogger getting their posts on here? This is the fifth time this week I've tried to post. Michelle W

I'm still here!!!

So, life and projects have caught up with me. However, I'm still here and still keepin' on. I'm way behind on the posts and will (hopefully) be catching up over the weekend. I was totally bummed about tomorrow being the end of the month and I can't even remember what was on my list for this month. Figured there was no chance for any FO's. Then I dug out my list. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I actually do have FO's from my list!!! :) I may have a shot at one or two more, too. Here goes the current status:

1) Dishcloth/my mother/Valentine's Day/Rollover DONE! This actually metamorphed into two dishcloths and a towel for my mom and three dishcloths for my boyfriend's mom. Go figure! :)

2) Suzetta's February Scarf/a friend/Valentine's Day/Feb 13 DONE! This one also took on a life of it's own and became two scarves.

3) Wiggles Baby Sweater/a friend's baby/birthday TBD/Feb 29 DONE! Again with the multiples! I finished three of these and have a fourth on the needles.

4) Connected Hearts Shawl/a friend/Holidays/Feb 29 Okay, I whiffed on this one. Haven't even started.

5) Variation on Palindrome Scarf/a friend/Holidays/Feb 29 Partly done. Might finish by tomorrow. Otherwise, it'll be a rollover.

Not too bad for thinking I didn't have anything finished! LOL!!! :)


February's List update and FO

February's list update:

Finshed these Opal socks for my husband this month so far ...

and half way through these Helter Skelter socks, using James Brett's Marble DK yarn in pink/grey ...

Will try to finish the two cup cozies by tomorrow night too...
The rest will have to rollover into March...

Carrie's February Progress

Here was my list for February:
  • Two baby socks for the Baby Sock Advent Calendar / Family / Holiday season / December 1st
  • Bonnet and booties / friend's baby due in March / Baby due date / March ??
  • Golf club cover / Mom / Birthday / late March
    (ultimately will be a full set but for this goal it's just one to determine if it fits properly!)
  • Felted Yoga Mat Bag / MIL / Birthday / late March
So far I'm running a consistent 50% done, 50% rollover rate! I'm not sure if that's good or bad! At least something is done, I suppose.

Let's see.. some FOs. Here are my advent calendar socks for this installment:

I'm not at all sure about them, to be honest. The lacey one is larger than the others, although that may not be a bad thing. But I also ran out of the green scraps I was using for it so the heel is ridiculously squashed. It's not to be worn so no big deal there, but I do think it looks sorta funny.

The other sock uses yet more stashed leftovers and I'm concerned that the green there is too dark. But maybe not. I think I'll have to make a few extra as the year goes on and just pick the best ones when it comes time to display!

On a more positive note, I did finish the baby gift. I'm so happy with it!

The bonnet is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and the booties are Saartje's bootees. The booties used STR mediumweight in Bunny Foo Foo (pink and brown) and the bonnet used Cotton Ease in some brown color and pink Tahki Torino (superwash merino) for the ties. They are both super tiny so I hope they actually fit!

And... that would be all from my list! Doh! The golf club cover is up next for me, the yoga bag may in fact be shunted off to Christmas. Depends on how well I'm prioritizing my knitting in March! Lots of other things on the go as well and running out of time for an April baby due date.

Two other things I just wanted to mention. I checked my January list and seems I had some rollovers I managed to neglect to roll over! I did finish one of them: socks for my mom. These were originally going to be a birthday present but then she requested the golf club thingies, so I finished them in time for Valentine's Day instead! I'm very pleased:

This is the Sweetheart Socks pattern from Interweave Knits Holiday 2007. The yarn is Tofutsies, can't remember the colorway. Love the hearts:

So, that went over well and I suppose it counts as an FO! I don't know why I didn't write it down for the February list.

I also made something for Valentine's that was a spur of the moment thing. Not on the list but thought I'd share anyway! A kitty cat for my kiddo:

It's the Wee Wonderfuls pattern called Pointy Kitty. This is the second one I've made so this one only took one night, hurrah! My boy loves it :)

And I love the heart :)

I think I may try and be more sensible for my March list, but somehow, I doubt it will happen. Thanks for all the inspiration to keep it up!

Finished February Juliet Scarf

One Christmas gift down and 12+ to go:) I really enjoyed knitting this scarf because it keeps you engaged with the sl k2tog, psso, yo pattern. In knitting the Rosette pin, I learned how to work short-rows. My March project is another scarf for a gal pal. It's a Ballet Lace Scarf knitted with Fly Dyed Monarch yarn.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leigh's updates for Feburary

Well I started the month really well with 3 FO's but my son had an accident at school on feb 13 and I haven't really knitted since. You would think with him in the hospital for a week I would of gotten alot done. I brought it with me but never picked the needles up. The chairs leave something to be desired and very hard to knit in.

He broke his left femur and had two titanium rods put in his leg. He's been home over a week now and it stil hurts. Good news is that the x-rays today show that its healing really nicely. Thank goodness.

I do have one more scarf on the go and it might be done by the end of the week. Maybe I will squeak by with 5 this month as month.

Happy knitting!

Leigh Ann

Coaster Joy for a Birthday girl

Coaster Joy

Each coaster is backed with fabric


Still here but not much knitting!!

I am still here and check in regularly!
However work/sotsii/family commitments have seriously hindered my knitting. I am trying some time management to get back on track, hopefully there will be some finished items soon!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

February FO

Hi everyone!

Just checking in with my February FO - an Anthropologie-inspired Capelet for my friend's birthday. I am so bad with sizing. This came out just a little bit small for the recipient, so she can only wear it open and not pinned at the top. And this is AFTER I picked up stitches in the front to make a more substantial garment! I do like how it came out though (minus the sizing issue).

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Waves Shawl finally finished!!!

Finally!! This scarf/shawl was started back in December and was put on hold because the pattern called for 6 skeins of yarn, but after checking around on Ravelry 6 skeins wasn't nearly enough!! I ordered more yarn and ended up using 10 skeins!! Then I had to frog back 20 some odd rows because I miscrossed a cable! But it's finally finished and I couldn't be happier if I didn't have to knit 2x2 ribbing for quite a while! *grin* I love the final results, but I don't think I'll be fooling around with 24 stitch cables anytime soon :)

Wave Scarf
Pattern: Waves Scarf
Yarn: Cadena from Knit Picks
Needles: Knit Picks Options size 9
Notes: pattern calls for 6 skeins, but I ended up using 10! Check around on Ravelry before making for yourself to make sure you get enough yarn.

February Update

Well, I didn't have a big list for February. I did finish my Blueberry Pie socks. They're AWESOME! :)

FO: Blueberry Pie Socks

I also managed to finish socks for my friend Dina. Her birthday is in October, and since I managed to finish them, she'll get them for her birthday instead of Christmas. This is my 2nd 4th Quarter FO, so I guess that makes it a Q1ChallengeFO! :) The picture was taken very early this morning, around 1am, before I finished weaving in the ends, but the ends are woven in now.

FO: Dina's Socks

Here's my updated list:

1) Coronet / Grandma / Christmas 2008 / Jan. 31 Finished 1/1/08
2) Strawberry Lime Socks / My Sister / Birthday (04/04/08) / Jan. 31 Finished 1/5/08
3) Baby Shower Gift (Baby Cardi, Hat, Washcloth) / Co-Worker / Baby Shower / Jan. 31 Finished 1/27/08
4) Blueberry Pie Socks / Me! / Just Because / Feb. 29 Finished
5) Waving Lace Socks / Mom / Mother's Day 2008 / Mar. 31
6) Nutkin Socks / Me! / Just Because/trying to finish UFOs / Mar. 31
7) Vesper Socks / Dina / Birthday (10/7/08) or Christmas 2008 / Oct. 3 Finished 2/24/08
8) Rowan Tapestry Scarf / Undecided / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 1 Finished 1/15/08
9) Fetchings to match scarf / Undecided / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 1
10) Peacock Feathers Shawl / Mom / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 10
11) Felted Clogs / My Stepdad / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 15
12) Dublin Bay Socks / TC / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 15
13) PIF Socks / Teresa / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
14) PIF Socks / Renee / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
15) Charity Item / Sue / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
16) PIF Socks / Lisa / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
17) Ripple Afghan / Joe's Dad / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 25
18) Flower Petal Shawl / Joe's Mom / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 25
19) Booga Bag or Socks / Joe's Sister / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 25
20) Hat (Pattern Undecided) / Grandpa / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 25

I rearranged my list a bit, and now my goals for March are to finish my mom's Waving Lace socks as well as finishing the Nutkin socks I started back in November/December for test knitting. Nutkin socks will be for me - "just because" and because I'm trying to clear some of the UFOs off the needles. The Waving Lace socks will be for Mother's Day. :)

i finished something!

more details at my blog, but I actually finished some things on my list!!!!!! WOOT! sorry for the yucky pics!

these have both been mostly finished for a really long time (the girl's pair just needed a couple seams, the men's needed a bit more work) and are actually holiday gifts. I did actually see the recipient over the weekend, but had not felted yet. :( I will be gifting them this week, though!

Hope everyone's having happy stressless knitting!!!! :)

-kb out

Finished Baby Blanket and Dish Cloth

I haven't checked in for a long time. But I did finish the baby blanket for my sister in laws baby shower. I also have finished a dishcloth for my mother. All I have left is a hat that is probably not going to get done, but it can got to march. I hope everyone is doing well with their knitting projects. Here is a picture of the blanket and I'll get a picture of the dishcloth done soon. Happy knitting everyone.

FO: Mom's I Meant to do that Socks

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Year Long Gift-A-Long.

Last night I finished Mom's socks. They're only about two months late for Christmas.

I used my short, US size 2 bamboo dpns and Hill Country Yarns Instant Gratification Sock Yarn in "Lavender Sachet." I purchased the yarn at The Knitting Nest.

Unlike the Longhorn Socks, I didn't run out of yarn before I finished. But the yarn was a joy to knit with, as it was with the Longhorn Socks.

This is the Beaded Rib pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. As I mentioned before, I screwed up the ribbing early on and just decided to go with it. Round One of the pattern stitch said "*p1, k1, p1, k1, p1* repeat from *." Without thinking, I just started doing a 1x1 rib.

This were knit toe up, with a provisional cast on and a short row heel. I also used the sewn bind off to prevent the edges of the sock from being too tight.

I think I made some mistakes on the first toe, but it's hard to notice. Also, I sewed up a couple of small gaps at the corner of the heels.

Mom seemed pretty happy with them, and they fit okay. She put them on right away because her feet were cold. They are "around the house" socks. Mom often wears my Dad's socks around the house for extra warmth. This is a nicer (and better fitting) alternative.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hi everyone, I've finished my first item for the First Quarterly Challenge, it's a baby/toddler poncho and this makes the third item finished for February as well. It's done mostly in feathers yarn (crocheted).
Michelle W

The Crazy but True Beanie for Grandma


Friday, February 22, 2008

feb. update

i feel like i have been doing a ton, but when i look at the end results, it doesn't look like much!

here is my february update.

1. dad's skarf

2. norma's skarf (i can't seem to bring myself to work on this... i think i hate it.)
3. finish other four yards of netting for scrubbies

4. 8 various dishcloths

5. some dpn holders. (i was going to make something, but i found a nifty box instead)

i also made a really boring hat for my husband

and i made an unoriginal hat for my dad, to go along with the scarf, but i have to start over because it it GIGANTIC!!!

wow! i guess i did do a lot! hooray!!! i will celebrate with stitches west on saturday.

Another February FO!

I finished the clogs for my dad- lots of fun! Here are pre- and post-felting pics:


1. Nakiska / sister-in-law / Christmas / December
2. French Market Bag / co-worker / Birthday / May 31
3. Hazy Paves Scarf / mom / Christmas / December 15
4. Cozy / mom / Christmas / December 15
5. Cupcake pincushion / friend / Birthday / July 1

Finishing February Fabulously!

I can't believe that I've been able to get some knitting time in well this month despite lots of other obligations. I'm happy.

Soleil for Mom-Mother's day and May birthday together. Made with Sirdar Baby Bamboo which will be used again.

French Market Bag-Felted nicely but I'll probably steam the edges to make it more crisp. For Christmas Drawer.

Flower Power washcloth-One for birthday and one for Christmas gift drawer.

Baby Uggs-two more pairs were finished for the gift drawer. They might disappear quickly... people are starting to request them.

Sorry it has been so long

Gosh I fell off the wagon but I am back on for February

1) Socks for mom 1/2 done

2) Scarf for husband for next christmas

3) Felted Bowls for SIL for Christmas



Rainbow's End

Yeah ME!
Sorry, I am just so happy I could dance.
How does that song go, "Do a little dance, make a little lace, get down tonight..."
OK, so I messed with the lyrics, I admit, but I really DO like it better that way.
Sorry, no time to chat, just a celebratory "Whoopie" to let everyone know that the bloody Rainbow Revontuli is finally -repeat finally- DONE!!!
Stop by my blog to read all about it.
Picts to follow, but no time to chat, BB clothes to knit & fast!
Have a Fabulous Friday, hoist one for me, and happy knitting,

FO-Final off Feb Goals!

I'm glad to say that my 5 Feb. Goals are complete! I was lucky in finding my Jute for the Beaded Basket, though my jute was alot bigger and I had to use a size N hook! I had to space my beads out farther also as I didn't have 14 of but it turned out great and I even found a second color roll of jute so I can make another one later.
Now I can work on my last QC item and come up with a March List.
Keep up the good work everyone, projects are looking great!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb Check In

Well so far not so hot on the knitting side of things. I have not gotten anything done. I have worked on my moms sweater 1 sleeve done the other started. I have not even gotten my sons yarn for his sweater. 0 count on the washcloths and I have started and frogged the sock oh about 5 times this month. So lets just say this is not looking like a great knitting month for me. Hope to get something done this weekend so it is not a total waste.

Way to go everyone for all your great work. I have seen some really wonderful looking stuff on this blog KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

Becky L

FO One and Two!

Yes! FO One AND two: two pair of Fuzzy feet. OK, they were a bit late for Valentines Day, and they look ridiculous since they aren't felted yet. But my plan includes doing the felting with my daughters, so that works.

Anyway, on to completing the scarf and the shawl...and STITCHES WEST!!!!


FO-4th one down for Feb.

Another FO for February. That make #4 down for me :) I decided to try what sorta is a pair of socks, just these are Pedicure Socks.
They were really quick and let me get over that sock heel I do see me doing more of these for my DIL for Christmas as I have some pretty color sock yarns to do it with and I think she'll love em. She loves homemade gifts alot! Something she may be able to use as before they moved she had finally gotten licensed to do nails & pedicures.
So that just leaves me with having to do my Beaded Basket for my Feb Goals. Woo-Hoo!! Almsot done!

3rd February FO!

I just finished the third FO on my February list. It's a chemo turban for a close friend of mine who will be having a Bone Marrow Transplant next month, and I am very glad to have gotten it done!

  • The pattern is from, found here.
  • It was a quick, fun knit. I thought it would be a huge pain, because you cast on 50 and then work in 4X4 ribbing for 40 inches but it actually went quite quickly.
  • I used two balls of Esprit, the yarn it called for. I think any cotton/nylon blend (or yarn that has substantial stretch to it) would work. I'm thinking Cascade Fixation would be great too.
  • I made no mods to this one, but I have enough yarn for another one, and I'd like stripes. I'll probably have to make some mods, so we'll see how that goes.
  • I wasn't too inspired by this project. I am really satisfied with the finished product, but I feel pretty blah about the whole thing. I think the recipient will really appreciate it though, and that is definitely what counts.
There is more information on my Ravelry page and on my blog.

I also have another project to add to my February list. I am working on some charity items for a domestic women's shelter in Brixton, London,and I hope to have them done by the end of the week. So, I'm adding that as one of my February goals. Sadly, I have not touched my 4th item, which was my dad's sweater. I just can't even look at the thing. Luckily, it's not due until Christmas, and I'm a pretty fast knitter. I want to get all my fun, small projects done first, and then tackle the sweater!