Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sally's February Gift List

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Year Long Gift-A-Long.

Here is my February gift list for the Year Long Gift-A-Long.

1. Gift Item: A lace shawl. My goal this month is to make decisions. This month I want to settle on a yarn, pattern and needles, then knit a swatch and block it.
Recipient: Grandma
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: Let's say December 18, 2008 (so I have enough time to get it in the mail.)

2. Gift Item: Scarf (already in progress)
Recipient: Top Secret!
Occasion: Valentine's Day
Deadline: February 10, 2008 (so I can get it in the mail.)

3. Gift Item: Boogie Time (2 of them)
Recipient: Family Friends
Occasion: last Christmas
Deadline: Overdue

4. Gift Item: Socks
Recipient: Mom
Occasion: last Christmas
Deadline: Overdue

5. Gift Item: Socks (I'm not aiming for completion. Just a good start.)
Recipient: Top Secret!
Occasion: birthday
Deadline: March 2008

Almost made it!!! :)

Well, I almost made it! Got most of my list done:

1) Tudora/a friend/Holiday giftJan 31 Done!
2) Calorimetry/Erin/Valentines Day/Jan 31 Done!
3) Complete Extended CAL as far as I have the clues/a friend/Valentines Day/Jan 31 Done!
4) Baby afghan/a friend/not sure/Jan 31 Done!
5) Dishcloth/my mother/Valentine's Day/Jan 31 Started!

So, the dishcloth gets rolled to February! Pictures will follow in a day or two (after I find my camera... sigh). I will start planning my February list and have it up soon, too.


Oh, crap, it's February!

Well, it will be tomorrow. Ok, I'd better get this list going on here.

February Gift List:

1. Baby socks/ for baby Nordmann, due in August/ Feb. 28th WIP
2. Green Frivol Hat/ Xmas '08 pile/ Feb. 28th WIP
3. Something feltedEZ's BSJ with stash Lamb's Pride/ Xmas '08 pile Grant & Tess's baby!/ Feb. 28th (just found out they're expecting, too!)
4. Simple socks from stashed Regia sock yarn/ a co-worker, Xmas '08/ Feb. 28th

Only 4 gifts on the goal sheet this month, 'cause it's a short month and I'm seeing lots of grad work in my near future. And yes, two of these are halfway done already. Good luck, everybody. Here we go!

Holistic Knitter's February's Gift List

My Gift List for February: (revised)

1. Xmas Socks / Rachael /Xmas present/ for Xmas 08
2. Xmas Socks / Lorraine / Xmas present / for Xmas 08
3. Purple Cup Cozy / Xmas Present / Rachael / for Xmas 08
4. Green Cup Cosy / Xmas Present / recipient to be decided / For Xmas 08
5. Scarf. Xmas Present / recipient to be decided / For Xmas 08

Also finish Opal Socks for my husband by February 14th...Valentines present

january update, february list

so my list for january is as follows...
1. make dish scrubbies out of four of the eight yards of netting i bought. (to be put in gifts as we travel cross country)

2. finish the lapghan for my grandpa. (just because i love him)

3. finish jakies hat. (before it warms up aka NOW)

4. finish my dad's skarf. (was for christmas 07, will be for christmas 08) (ROLLOVER)
5. finish norma's skarf. (see above) (ROLLOVER)

three out of five ain't bad. it's just those stupid skarves. bah! anyhow, here is my list for feb.

1. dad's skarf
2. norma's skarf
3. finish other four yards of netting for scrubbies
4. 8 various dishcloths
5. some dpn holders.

i am going to make it my goal to finish those skarves. i think i can... i think i can... i think i can...

Barbara's February Gift List

Jan: well I completed and finished the alphabet blanket. I have two blocks of the dinosaur blanket to complete and sew together. I finished my dishcloths for Jan, Feb and did 3 extra ones, so I have 9 FO's. I finished one scarf and put the second one away for another day.

Feb: 1. 3 more dishcloths
2. 2 hats to send to the cancer society hat drive
3. one scarf/ xmas08/recipient unknown.
4. one pair matching fingerless mitts/xmas08/recipient unknown

I have pic's that I will post this weekend.

Heather's February Gift List

January was not an easy month for knitting, so I am starting this knit-along with my February list

1. Mac and Me Hooded Sweatshirt for my 4 year old son
2. Coffee Cup cozy for my Hot Cocoa partner
3. Hat for husband's birthday
4. My So Called Scarf for my mother's birthday

Juliet-a star cross'd scarf?

Once I get some new yarn, I'm just itching to cast it on, even if I have a million UFOs. The new ball beckons me. Rachel, it says, play with me, forget about all your other WIPs. Sometimes I can resist, but not with this Kimono Angora yarn from Louisa Harding. It's soft and lovely. It's making me knit when I should be working. I should be writing an article about Amman, Jordan, but I'm tempted by the stash....

So this is going to be one of the Juliet scarves on my list. I have 4 different colours of the Kimono Angora. All will be scarves one day, keeping friends toasty warm in foul weather.

I'm about half way there with the River wrap for the wedding. Once I finish a reasonable amount of work [define reasonable!], I will get going on it....

wishing you all happyknits
Rachel W

My February List, by Deborah

I finished my four January gifts a week or so ago, and have been focusing since then on my Nantucket Jacket. I usually knit a lot for myself anyway, but it has been especially nice to knit something for me knowing that I already have some gifts made up.

I'm keeping my list fairly short again because I want to focus on my sweater. I want to be able to wear it before warm weather arrives. If I can make two small gifts a month by participating in this GAL I'll be very happy. So in Februrary I will:

1. Sew retro apron and potholders/Nov b'day/
2. Knit Cabled Headband (from The Knitters' Book of Yarn)/Christmas '08/for unknown recipient.
3. Knit a pair of toddler socks from leftovers to donate to Warm Woolies.

#3 is a bi-monthly goal of mine. I only started knitting socks last year and don't have too many leftovers yet. I was inspired by an essay on Cast On recently to use up leftovers on a regular basis to knit warm things for people who really need them. It will keep me from accumulating yarn I'll never use while at the same time helping someone in a very small way.

I am really inspired by seeing pictures of everyone's FOs! Keep up the good work, y'all!

Finished Object #3

Finished several days ago... finally got photographed today.
This was one of my "Eternal UFO's"
I started it around Feb of 2005, for my cousin's birthday in March of 2005.
So it's only 3 years late... I'm proud of myself for finally pulling it out and finishing it.

My February List

Since I just joined and it is officially the LAST day of January, I decided to start fresh for February. My projects are still not completely set in stone, however, I have great ideas swishing around in my head that I need to get written down. I did finish knitting 6 baby hats as a shower gift and they all turned out so cute. Many of the patterns were from Itty Bitty Hats, a book which I absolutely love! This particular one I attached was one of my favorite ones - just a simple stockinette from the book with ribbon as the topper. The booties were an added bonus!

1. Flower Cardigan from Itty Bitty Nursey - for new granddaughter Addision (due to arrive on March 8) - almost finished!

2. Ribbed socks - carry-over from January - one sock done, the other 3/4 done - for daughter Jen

3. Strawberry baby hat - for Deanna's new daughter born 2 weeks ago - need to finish by March.

Gift One....Socks for Mom

This is my first pair of socks, I used knitpicks self-patterning yarn on two circular needles. Yes, I need to block them. I saw the color and knew it was for Mom, she saw them on my needles and loved them (in fact asked me to knit here a pair, ha ha already done). Mistakes on the first pair?....ah yes a few. There is one (yes one) gusset hole and I was cheap and did not use two balls so the twins are not identical. Alas they are a gift that I know she will love. What is next, well I will try a lovely pair of socks for Mom again. February brings me into the felted bag for my best friend, I plan to use embrodiary on that...we will see.

Not on my gift-list

Sometimes a yarn calls to be worked into something. This happened to me with this lovely pink Merino.

Holly's Hat
Originally uploaded by bianca_b
Sometimes little knits can be pleasant. With the merino KyleAnn sent I had to knit, and this came out: a hat. But pink is not a boys colour, so this one will go to Canada, to Holly, the granddaughter of a dear friend of mine. She is a little bit older than Wietse, so it must be her size. Pattern is made by me.

My knit list will stay the same for now, but sometimes unexpected gifts are nice too
In the right side bar my link is Bianca B.

Bianca B (= breien in Lansingerland)

Catherine's February Gift List

Well, first off, hello everyone here. I love this idea. I just got my invitation yesterday, so this will be my first post.

January is coming to a close in just a few hours, so while I am hoping to finish a hat for my sister today, I am not going to have a January list!

My February Gift list:

1. self-designed beret for Madeleine - for her birthday on October 8th.

2. Drops Sweater for Dad - Christmas? This one will take a while! I actually knit the whole body and half a sleeve for last Christmas, only to realize it was incredibly huge. I've made huge adjustments to the pattern, and am jumping back on the yarny horse. I figure if I've got 11 months, I'll be able to handle it.

3. Japanese Feather and Fan shawl (Ravelry link) for Granne, again for Christmas. I'll probably modify the pattern to be a bit smaller. Again, this will probably be in the queue for a while!

4. Chemo caps for Sarah - to be finished by the middle of March.

January Goals Done!

Scarf-Elisa-Birthday DONE
Hat-Chiti-Birthday DONE
Skinny scarf and Hat set-Me-Just Because-DONE
Sock-Me-Just because-Done!


Beanie and Neck Warmer-Me-Just Because-Done (this was extra)

February Goals:

Baby Bunting-Me-ASAP Due ASAP
Baby leg Warmers-Naomi Grace-Shower Gift-3/1/08
4 Wash Cloths for Christmas Gift Stash (and for Quarterly Challenge)
Skinny Scarf/Bunny (Commissioned)
Chi Sweater (Commission)
Another pair of Socks-Christmas Gift Stash
Baby Kimono-Naomi Grace-3-1-08

I love this Gift Along. It really keeps me focused. Plus, its helping me to Stash Bust!

Jan FOs done & Feb list

Hi all... well it's not the best sewing I've done, but not the worst either. Clearly I need to get used to my sewing machine again. But here is my last gift from my Jan list, a flannel baby blanket which is a fun 'block' pattern in girly colors backed with pink.

Here's my completed Jan list:

Syncopation bag for tbd - Jan 31 => DONE
Felted clogs for mom - Jan 31= DONE
Rib scarf for Lisa - Feb 2 => DONE
Baby Raglan for B.E. - Jan 16 => DONE
Baby blanket for baby girl (sewing) => DONE (was going to make burp cloths, too, but ran out of pink fabric so just the blanket for this one)

And my Feb list:
Golf themed burp cloths/S&S twins/Feb 7
2 baby sweaters/S&S twins/Feb 7
Zen Garden Clapotis/tbd/March 2
tbd/swap pal/Feb 29

Q1 Challenge:
cowl or scarf/mom/Christmas
Blue Syncopation Bag/tbd/Christmas
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WIP: Yellow Hat

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Year Long Gift-A-Long.

Maybe it's crazy to start my January project for the Year Long Gift-A-Long on January 30, but I think I'm going to make it.

As I said before, these two yarns were dying to go together. I double stranded the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan for the edging by using both ends of the ball at the same time. I'm not real fond of knitting with the Astrakhan. I can't quite put my finger on the reason why. It doesn't really split or tangle. It just doesn't feel good on the needles. But I like the way it looks. And as always, Cashmerino Superchunky is awesome.
Tonight at Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe, Katie said it looked like a Winnie the Pooh hat. Then she said "your hat looks like Pooh" before she realized what she was saying. She said I should add little Pooh Bear ears. I think I'll have a plenty leftover to make a baby hat with ears, but for now, I'll stick with the basics.

My only concern is the size. I swatched a little bit, but I wasn't very careful about measuring. I just estimated and cast on. I hope it's not too big. It seemed ok on the Styrofoam head at Bluebonnet.

In other news, I just talked to Jules. It's cold in LA and he is wearing his socks right now.

February list

Well, so far I've done everything on my January list except 1 baby hat. I started working on it, but then my friend told me no rush. They're coming up next weekend and the baby its for isn't due until March (for my friend's brother).

So, February list
1. Finish that baby hat.
2. Continue to work on baby blanket.
3. Just found out one of my co-workers is getting married in March: Will probably make her some washcloths and get some super-smelling relaxing soap. She's remarrying her ex, so I have a feeling she'll need it.

It's just a list...

1. Scarf / YEAH Shelter / Just because / Feb. 29

2. Fuzzy Feet / Nicole / Valentine's Day / Feb. 14

3. Fuzzy Feet / Allie / Valentine's Day / Feb. 14

4. Shawl / Me / Just because / Apr. 03

Yay! I made a list!

Yeah for GAL

Ok... I had knit Edgar (below) for a Christmas gift or for the gift drawer. BUT my admin assistant had her 50th birthday yesterday and I needed a gift. She was so excited about the colours and thoughtfulness. I was excited that I am a part of this group and could be prepared to give a handmade, special gift.

Thank you Marce for giving us inspiration to be thoughtful!

Renee's Steelers Blanket

Steelers Blanket
Steelers Blanket,
originally uploaded by lady1380.
So, here it is, the Steelers blanket that is taking FOR-EV-ER. Since I took the picture I've done a few more rows, and started the Steelers logo color work in the center. Three stitches of it, anyway. So, back to work!

My February list....EDITED 2/2

Okay, so I've been putting it off, but gotta get it up...

1. Finish Steelers baby blanket for Renee's baby. I *badly* need to finish this, just gotta find the time -- she's due in three weeks!!

2. Socks for Hannah. My sister Hannah requested socks in a "puke" orange color. I guess she meant that in a good way. Anyhow, since her birthday was two weeks ago, it'll be a Christmas present.Didn't like this month's sock pattern for Hannah, have to wait till next month!

2. Streaming Leaves Eye Pillow for Barb (bf's mom), birthday is in October. I got some linen yarn that I've never used before and I'm looking forward to it.

3. Scarf for Amy. My boyfriend's brother's girlfriend requested a hand-made scarf at Christmas time, and I have yet to begin. Since at this point I probably won't have it done before it gets warm, I guess it will be a Christmas present!

4. Second baby blanket for Renee. Did I mention she was having twins? So I would *like* to make two blankets, if I can ever find the time. But I don't want this to get out of control...if I can get it done by the end of March that would be fine.

5. Purse for Whitney (my other sister) for Christmas. I picked the pattern out a long time ago, and never started it. Maybe if I get to it in advance she'll actually get it this year!

Updated List

Ok, so I posted my first list a few days ago thinking of Christmas, welllllllll, my son and one of my best friends have birthdays. TODAY! Why wasn't I thinking of the present? (No pun intended).

So - New list:

  1. Capitan Hat - for coworker who had a birthday last week - I'm casting on tonight, should be done by the weekend
  2. Scarf for GF's birthday - hoping to incorporate the Foliage pattern as I made her a hat for Christmas - I will knit this after the hat
  3. Last - My son is 10 today! I picked up some yarn for Fuzzy Feet for him - to knit after the scarf
  4. Oops - one more. I already have 2 at a time socks on the needles for my youngest. These are being knit to try the technique and because I love him!
Sorry for the entirely new list. My other list will carry on.

Happy knitting!

Finished Sweater for Dad

Here is my second finished is for my Dad. This sweater has been the death of me. I had to rip out over 10 inches of the chest, as I knit it backwards...Grr. It took 28 balls of Dale's Heilo...It would have helped if dad was not 6' 3

Sorry the pics are not great but my camera broke... Dad promised to take pics when he gets it.

Angela T. February Gift List

This was my list for January:
  1. January - Socks for Derek - FINISHED 1/28/08
  2. February - Sweater for Anthony (size 1 year)
  3. February/March - Scarf for mom (is a Christmas present, but I told her it wouldn't be done by xmas)
  4. May - Socks for Marion

New list for February:

  1. 2/16/08 - Sweater for Anthony (size 1 year)
  2. February/March - Scarf for mom
  3. 4/30/08 - Socks for Marion (for Mother's Day, but I want them done ahead of time)

I think I am going to leave it at that, I can't think of anything else to add at the moment that I have the supplies for.

Scarf for mom:

Q1 Challenge

  1. Blanket for Brianna - I have this yarn in my stash.
  2. Fingerless Gloves for Marion - I haven't purchased the yarn for this yet, but I do have other yarn that I might use instead. Not sure if this is going to get done for the challenge.

Angela T.

January Gift List

I was supposed to make an angel for my GF, but I didn't

Instead, I made a little Amigurumi Frog. The other item

that I planned to make, never got anywhere near finishing.

I've had a serious case of startitis lately. I should focus, focus.

Janaury update and February list

I did manage to complete one of my Janaury list items - a little gift bag of baby clothes for Ang

February's list has the same things as January - still need to think of something appropriate for Jill and Rachael for my Pay if Forward agreement, and also gifts for my older ladies for winter.

Granny Along Swap: "Polka Dot Surprise' Bag for Becky

My first FO for 2008!

I participated in the recent swap at Granny Along, and this is what I made for my partner, Becky. I finished it on my deadline date, but had to wait until she received the package. I have posted more information about the swap package on my blog.

I crocheted a granny square bag, which I call the "Polka Dot Surprise" Bag. You will soon see why.

The bag says: I am so fashionable!

Bag again, against bamboo blinds at my parents' home

Polka Dot Surprise!: Bright pink (almost red) polka dot fabric lining. I must admit that I am not a "polka dot person", but I really like its "fun-aspect" contribution to this project.

I used cotton twine bought at our local hardware store in NYC. I enjoyed making this bag (my mom and grandma have put in a request too). However next time, I will remember to wear gloves while working with such "fiber". I originally began the bag with jute twine, but this fiber gave me the sneezes.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sara's FO #1

The baby kimono is done! I used some ribbons from my aunt and uncle's wedding for the ties since this is their first child and I thought it would be cute. The baby isn't due to July so no idea if it's a boy or girl, so I tried to keep the colors neutral.

January list, done. Now it's on to the February knitting!

Cat Toys FO

FO # 4
Cat Toys for my friend's cats ...pattern from Stitch'n'Bitch Nation.

Pheelya's FO #3

Another FO!! This one a Christmas '08 gift.

*** WhoDuKnit Mystery KAL - not sure for who - Christmas 2008 - January 31st
WhoDuKnit Mystery KAL (January)

*** Christening blanket - Madelyn - baby gift - January 31st
*** Lace Baby Beenie - Madelyn - baby gift - January 31st
*** Waves Scarf - Sister - La Befana - January 6th moved to January 31st due to yarn shortage! *** Fairy Blanket - niece - finishing from Christmas - January 31st

*** Secret of the Stole ii KAL - probably me - ?? - March (I think it's a 9 week KAL with a weekly clue)

Finished Object #1

Ahhhh!!! I finally finished Jan. object number 1 and then somehow lost the picture of it! However, I pleased to announce I actually finally finished one of the three objects I had committed to this month and am hot on the trail of item number two. The finished object is a calorimetry (pattern from Knitty) that was to be gifted to my little sister this month. Done and gifted!!

Next object there will be photos!

January Knits...

Okay, I somehow veered way off track from my original list. I was playing catch-up a little bit this month trying to finish up my belated Christmas presents. SOooo I am going to show off what I have finished...because I'm excited to have gotten this all done before February. I have made some progress with the gifts on my list...the scarf is 1/2 finished and the baby bog is 4 inches in! So that's encouraging!!
Here is the knitting I have gotten out of the way in order to focus more clearly on my 2008 gift making:
Two Koolhaas hats for my brother and his girlfriend
AND a pair of socks...actually these, as it turns out are for me...

My afghan idea


ENTRELAC (Copyright 2007 Lupinbunny)

They're almost the same pattern, but each has different stitches pattern. The smaller one has garter stitch, the colorful scarf has stockinette stitch.

So, I am going to make squares and rectangles of these two patterns, and when I have enough squares and rectangles, I am going to sew them up together to make a patchwork blanket.

I have almost one garterlac square done.


I'm here!

My life in a nutshell (or is that nut case?): family (husband, three teenagers, three cats, two dogs, four fish), financial (demanding, fulltime job), and knitter (spiritual therapy). Soon, a list. I know there are felted clogs, shawls, fetchings, scarves...but which for whom? To be determined. I think my goal for February (since I just joined) will be to create the list, and perhaps make some fuzzy feet for Valentines Day.

Monday, January 28, 2008

FO: One Down!

I finished these socks today 1/28/08. These were on my January Gift list and I finished them with only a few days to spare!

Pattern: Magic Loop Winter Socks (Magic Loop Booklet from Fiber Trends)
Size: Men's (for Derek)
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool (Forest)
Needles: Size 5 Addi Turbo 40"

Angela T.

Febuary plans

It's time to set my goals for Feb
Since I joined this group as away to get Christmas done early I am going to continue to focus on Christmas gifts.
For February :
I would like to get a fair amount done on the blanket for my brother. ( x-mas)
A hat for my aunt ( X-mas)
A scarf to be giving away in March as a B-day gift.

February List and Last QC project picked

Well now that January's goals are complete I've had a chance to write down some February goals and I finally choose between patterns for my last QC project...

so my pattern for the QC is Casablanca Crochet Quilt

My Feb Goals are:

3 Boobie Pillows /3 sons /Christmas 2008

Beaded Jute Basket but revamp it/myself or gift/ March

To finish Crochet Cable Sock/ myself/ hopefully started it in Nov, put it down and haven't picked it up since.

That gives me 5 for Feb. and then the pattern I picked for my last Quarterly Challenge. I know I can do this as long as I don't get sidetracked with other crochet

Good Luck everyone on your goals!!

My List...Finally!

I signed up towards the beginning of January and even introduced myself but I have yet to post my list. I just realized that this morning as I was doing some computer work. Seeing that it is almost the end of the month I guess I better post that list. So here it goes:

Sister - Calorimetry - for Christmas 2008
2 Nieces - Calorimetry but I have to size it for their heads...YIKES! - for Christmas 2008
Mom - Shawl for Mother's Day

I know there is more but I just can't think of any right now. I had a small crisis while writing this so my thinking isn't going well right now.

The Misplaced Midwesterner


Well, I'm making progress. And I think I just might make it!

*The Tudora is knitted and just waiting to have it's ends tucked and button sewn on. This will be much easier to accomplish once I purchase the button this afternoon.
*Calorimetry had issues. Even though my daughter has a rather large head, it wasn't that large! So I frogged it and started over with smaller needles. (Swatches?!? We don't need no stinking swatches!!!)
*The baby blanket is finished and waiting for Tudora so I can do one photo shoot for both.
*The CAL afghan is still going strong and is on track to be finished by Thursday.
*And I haven't even thought about the dishcloth. But they work up fast, right? Right?!? LOL!


Bag Done

I finished up the bag for my daughter, although I didn't do the Square Cake Bag. I had recycled some wool yarn from a Resale store find and really wanted to see how it would full. So I made the bag out of it. It's still damp and needs a trim, but pic will be here soon.

New list (subject to change if I find something else to knit for myself)
  • March 7 Waterloose Socks - Amanda
  • ASAP Mickey Mouse Socks - ME!
  • April 3 BMP - Noah
  • May 26 Arm covers - Josh
  • June 15 Socks - Seely Booth

My undone project and February

I never got the gnome started so will do him in February.  I am concentrating on toys that month.  I will also make a pierrot for a friend for her November birthday, two dolls for a friend for her May birthday and at least one gnome for Christmas for my sons.  I am half done on the afghan I started for DH for Christmas and hope to get that done in February too.  
I am keeping track of everything on a chart in Excel and  am so happy to belong to this challenge.  

Sunday, January 27, 2008

FO January/February Goals

I completed my itty bitty January goal, the butterfly hat.

LTanya's Hat

It was a fun pattern that I'll probably do again in a variegated yarn.

So what's next? My goals for February are:

  • Norwegian-style pullover/3-yo son/No particular occasion/February 29
  • SWTC mitered squares jacket/Mom/Birthday/March 14

Carrie's January Progress -- or not!

Here was my list for January:
  • Monkey socks / Mom / Mom's birthday / March -- Revised to Sweetheart Socks for Valentines -- WIP
  • Baby set (booties, hat, sweater) / Baby / April -- Hat done, nothing else, ROLLOVER
  • Yoga bag / MIL / MIL's birthday / March -- ROLLOVER
  • 2 socks for 2008 holiday advent calendar / December -- DONE
Not so good, eh? Doesn't help I've been really sick this past week and the kiddo has been refusing to go to bed.

The advent calendar socks are done at least! The striped sock is winged, the snowflake sock is the Flakey Baby Sock from Anny Purls. All yarns are stash -- perhaps not ideal (as in the flakes) but they work well enough for this. Yay!

Mom's socks are partway done but they're not Monkeys. Mom asked for golf club covers for her birthday, but I still really wanted to make her some socks, so I chose Sweetheart Socks instead and want to have them finished for Valentine's. I love how they look but are progressing a bit slowly! I'm actually on to the foot now.

I did one baby hat but really that was finished on New Years Eve so not sure if that counts-- more baby stuff is planned (for both myself and a few friends all due around the same time!) but haven't gotten to that yet. The pattern is the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap.

MIL gift might get pushed back or might turn into Christmas. Who knows?! And let's just not talk about my projects for myself right now!

Finished for January; February Goals

My last finish of the month:

Woo hoo! I'm done!!

Now, on to the goals for February:
Bathtime Blossoms sets for thank you gifts, due anytime
Thorpe for son for valentines day
Thorpe for hubbo for valentines day
Malabrigo Loafers for mom for valentines day
Five stripes on my Ripple Afghan, due Christmas

Congrats to all the finishers and thanks again to Marce for coming up with this GAL!

Intro and Gift List #1

Hi, I'm Julie or Knitilicious. I was so excited to hear about this Gift-A-Long and am looking forward to being on time this year!

My list:
1. Fuzzy Feet - for my Dad - Christmas 2008
2. Fuzzy Feet - for Hubby - Christmas 2008
3. Kate - for my niece - May Birthday
4. Weasley Sweater - for my oldest son - he requested it, I don't have a target date
5. Nutkin socks for me- cuz I deserve them, when I get to them. :o)

Happy knitting!

Swiffer cover pattern

Here is the link for the pattern I use for my swiffer mop pads. Everyone I have made them for loves them. There is also a crochet version there. I use the cheap acrylic yarn for them and don't wash them with fabric softener as this gets rid of the static needed for dust.

January Update / February Goals

I've finished all of my January items for this month. I've completed the Baby Shower Gift as of today, but I changed some of the items. I couldn't find a baby bootie pattern that I liked, so I nixed those, and I don't feel like knitting a bib, so the set is just the hat, cardi, and a wash cloth.

Here are the hat & cardi, complete w/ buttons!
Baby Set (Hat & Cardi)

I also finished an item for the Q1 Challenge... the Rowan Tapestry Scarf. It's probably going to be a Christmas present for a co-worker or somebody.
FO: One Skein Rowan Tapestry Scarf

I updated the list, and now I only have one goal for January. To finish a pair of socks for myself. They were my traveling socks during Thanksgiving, and I had to set them down in favor of Christmas Knitting & then Gift Knitting. My gift to myself in February is to finish them! If I finish them, my next goal is to finish Callie (not currently listed) for myself as she was also set down in favor of Christmas Knitting.

I'm also making some very nice progress on Dina's Socks & I hope to have them done soon. I've been in an easy stockinette-in-the-round frame of mind, and I'm so happy that I'm knitting them 2 at a time. lol. :)

1) Coronet / Grandma / Christmas 2008 / Jan. 31 Finished 1/1/08
2) Strawberry Lime Socks / My Sister / Birthday (04/04/08) / Jan. 31 Finished 1/5/08
3) Baby Shower Gift (Baby Cardi, Hat, Washcloth) / Co-Worker / Baby Shower / Jan. 31 Finished 1/27/08
5) Blueberry Pie Socks / Me! / Just Because / Feb. 29
4) Felted Clogs / My Stepdad / Christmas 2008 / Mar. 31
5) Dublin Bay Socks / TC / Christmas 2008 / Mar. 31
6) Waving Lace Socks / Mom / Birthday (9/19/08) / Aug. 31
7) Vesper Socks / Dina / Birthday (10/7/08) or Christmas 2008 / Oct. 3 (In progress)
8) Rowan Tapestry Scarf / Undecided / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 1 Finished 1/15/08
9) Fetchings to match scarf / Undecided / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 1
10) Peacock Feathers Shawl / Mom / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 10
11) PIF Socks / Teresa / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
12) PIF Socks / Renee / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
13) Charity Item / Sue / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
14) PIF Socks / Lisa / PIF gift / Dec. 23 (but hopefully sooner)
15) Ripple Afghan / Joe's Dad / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 25
16) Flower Petal Shawl / Joe's Mom / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 25
17) Booga Bag or Socks / Joe's Sister / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 25
18) Hat (Pattern Undecided) / Grandpa / Christmas 2008 / Dec. 25

Finished Gift

Hi Everyone! I finished the socks for my friend Julie. Started them late December. They turned out beautifully and hope she likes them.

My Gift Knitting Goals

I'm thrilled to part of this knit-a-long. What a great idea to keep the gift knitting under control. Here are my current gift goals:

1. Socks for Julie (a dear friend) to be finished by Jan. 31
2. Scarf for Mom, due March 10
3. Baby sweater (EZ Baby Surprise) for a knitting group friend (due June)
4. Santa Cruz Hoodie for my husband (due October)

Off to work on some knitting!

FO #2 for this month

Not something that was on my oroginal January list, but I had such big projects that I needed something quick to make me feel good about completeing gifts! *laugh* This will be mailed to the baby that will also be the lucky recipient of that beautiful baby blanket that took me FOREVER to finish!

baby hat

Pattern: Lace Baby Beenie

Yarn: Jo-Ann Sensations Tesoro, 1 skein Pink

Needles: Lantern Moon, Ebony DPN size 5

Notes: quick and easy!! This yarn blocked beautifully!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the baby blanket.

January's list.

Hey everybody! i was just invited to join and finally had time to post, soooo... here is my list for january. i know that there is only a couple of days left, but i figured i would go all out. right?

1. make dish scrubbies out of four of the eight yards of netting i bought. (to be put in gifts as we travel cross country)
2. finish the lapghan for my grandpa. (just because i love him)
3. finish jakies hat. (before it warms up aka NOW)
4. finish my dad's skarf. (was for christmas 07, will be for christmas 08)
5. finish norma's skarf. (see above)

i will post again at the end of the month.

January Update

Unfortunately, I haven't finished anything. This past week my cat got sick and died. Since I have never knit anything without her sitting on my lap or laying next to me on top of my yarn, I haven't felt like knitting much. Hopefully February will be better. You know how us knitters are with our kitties!

All my gifts had early February deadlines so I will have to make a new list and post it in February. The closest thing I have to an FO is this tea cozy I was making for my dad. It's going to be felted when it's finished.

Morri's Feb & March

1. Baby Wrap Sweater. For Kahlan. All I have left to do is sew on ties and weave in ends. Finish by Jan 5. Finished.
2. 86-10 Headband by DROPS design (aka Panta). For me, Rav One Skein KAL project. Finish by Jan 15. Frogged. I give up, yarn was too annoying
3. Fuzzy Baby Sweater from One Skein Wonders. For Kahlan. Finish by Jan 31. Finished
4. Cable Panel Gloves. For me. If I have time, and can get the right needles. Finish by Jan 31. Pushed back indefinitely.
5. Police Tape Scarf. For my DH Rickey. DH veto. *sigh*
6. Pinwheel Baby Blanket. For Kahlan. Finish by Valentine's Day. In progress.
7. (One Skein KAL Feb Project) Finish by Feb 28.
8. Circular Poncho. For my cousin Tiffany. It's only 2 years late... Finish by Feb 28. Finished Early. (Will have photo up later)

SO... The List as it stands now for the last few days of Jan, plus Feb & March.

Work on 1st quarter challenge (scrubbies and dishcloths)
Experiment with size 0 needles in prep for baby socks.

1. Pinwheel Baby Blanket. For Kahlan. Finish by Valentine's Day. In progress.
2. (One Skein KAL Feb Project) Finish by Feb 28.
3. Better Than Booties Baby Socks (1st pair). For Kahlan. Finish by Feb 28.
4. Finish 1st quarter challenge by Feb 28th to clear March for baby knits.
5. Jamaica Pouch (or other bag). for my HSKS4 partner.

1. Better Than Booties Baby Socks (2nd&3rd pairs). For Kahlan. Finish by DDay
2. Miny (baby bunting bag). For Kahlan. Finish by DDay

Two gifts ready

The post on my blog:

Time to show some finished knitting, and a gift. The Hotchpotch mittens are ready - they are done in CPY Bunny Hop. I like the colour combination, but was not entirely pleased with the thumb as it was before. Now I think it suits better. It makes me feel hungry... so tomorrow will be hotchpotch day!

The Little Toes are showing socks in Little Toes - comfortable and warm for tiny feet. Wietse loves these, as he already demonstrated by trying to take off my wrist warmer from my hand. LOL! Now he can play with his socks.

The gift was a belated Secret Gnome Exchange, from KyleAnn (Yahoo Sockathon group!) So many goodies. Thank you KyleAnn!

The mittens were on my January list. These are done. These were point 4 on my knit list for January.
The socks were not directly planned, but a fun knit. My son tried them on, but they are put away until his birthday on March 20. These socks are point 7 on my knit list.

January List: FINISHED!

Ta da! I just finished my 5 January gifts. I ended substituting out one gift, as I previously posted, and one of the gifts I have ended up adopting as my own (the purple Frivol hat). But I started a second Frivol hat, also to be finished before January is over, to make up for it. So that totals 5 gifts plus 1 new hat for me!

Gifts, clockwise from bottom: Textured handtowel, my own design, knit with 2 skeins of Rowan Cotton Jeans; Frivol hat, knit with leftover Shearer's Yarn (which I cannot get enough of!) from last year's sweater; Fiesta Mittens knit with Claudia's handpainted and Louet Gems; Simple 2x2 ribbed hat with pompom, with yarn mailed to be last year from Sera, for whom I made those fingerless mitts, with improvised cables.

Oh yeah, and they're all knit from my stash. Whew!


Does it count if the first gift I make is for myself?? I'm currently working on the River lace wrap from Rowan to go with my wedding dress.

1. River lace wrap/me/wedding/march
2-4 3 x juliet scarf by louisa harding for gift stash. I found some loverly kimono angora cheap on the intraweb to knit up into these.
5. Celia beanie/gaynor/birthday/ need to buy some buttons for this project
6. flower pots/mom/birthday/may

February gift list


my gift list for february is short:

santa claus' sock for my eldest son.

Bye, B


Hi there,

I'm must admit that I'm very ashamed of myself: I will not finish the first gift till 31 january because I did not manage my time well. I finished the two wips and now I don't have enough time for the january gift. Nevertheless I will finish it till february 3.

I'm very sorry!


Garter Stitch Cup Cozy Finished

Garter Stitch Cup Cozy finished ... pattern from Interweaves Holiday Knits 2007.

Ready to fill with nice goodies for next Christmas.

Another gift finished

I didn't put this on my list.  I have made a mouse in honour of the Year of the Mouse which starts next month.  It is a gift for a friend who runs a chinese restaurant.   I used the Jean Greenhowe pattern in her book, Knitted Toys.  

Introduction and my List!

G'day my fellow gift-knitters!
fibo thinking hat (5)
My name's Sasha, or knit nutt on my blog and ravelry, and I am most pleased to make your knitterly acquaintance!

I am super thrilled to get stuck in to this Gift Along, but only wonder if I can restrain myself from gifting as soon as I've finished rather than saving and squirreling away for the designated occassion!

In anycase, getting the gifts actually knitted up at ALL is the first step, right? And with that in mind, here is my current List!
  1. Flowerbasket Shawl / maternal Gran / for love! / ASAP(by end Feb)
  2. Toe-up socks / Dad / belated Chrissie 07! / ASAP!!
  3. Soaker / Baby Bosko / because he's lovely / end of Feb
  4. Dish-Face-cloth / my cousins / Chrissie / late December
I'm sticking with just the four items at the moment, seeing as two of those (1 & 2) are already on the needles and I want them knitted up and gifted away as soon as I can! But I'd definately like to get a start on the other two - it's helpful to have them on the lsit so I can aim high, right?

Good lcuk and speedy needles to us all! But of course, our needles can be relaxed and enjoyable as well as speedy, for we are early gift knitters - hurrah!! =D