Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello All.

Hello to all you knit a long'ers
well the new year beckons and my stash basket is ready to be used so heres my first 5 gifts to knit for 2008
  • finish broad ripple socks for annie
  • finish mini skull tote for sis
  • finish branching out scarf for julia
  • knit 1 pr socks for sock it to me pal
  • knit 1 caliometry for me

deadline for all is jan 31st, this will be running alongside my secret of the stole 2 project and my first foray into making stitch markers for the stitch marker exchnage...

looks like im gonna be busy!!

has any one got a pattern for a cafetiere warmer?[ for febs knit list!!]

happy new year to you all,




BrownBerry said...

Very good list Angie, if some of these finishes have already been started, you should be in great shape. A little each day makes a difference.

Not familiar with the warmer you mentioned...if you give me a little more detail, I'll hunt it down for you :)

Cycling Knitter said...

hey Brownberry,
I want to do a coffee gift basket for a friend and wanted to do a warmer to put around her cafetiere when she's brewed her coffee. its probably simple, but im rubbish at knitting without a pattern!! i have a pattern for the mug warmer so i suppose its just a bigger version of that, but wanted something funky!!!