Friday, December 28, 2007

Milly's January Goals

Hi All, well this should be great fun and hopefully keep me on track for next year.

My January goals are:

1. Crew socks for Joann, late Christmas gift.
2. Shawl for Connie, her birthday
3. Shawl for my aunt for her birthday in November
4. Socks for myself, because I bought some really cool sock yarn recently\
5. Mittens for myself, because I lost one recently and need a new pair.
6. Finish hat for James, late Christmas gift. Scarf is done.

I hope I can get this all done and have a fresh list for February. Happy Knitting all!

Milly (listed on the side bar as Milissa)

1 comment:

BrownBerry said...

Great list Milly!
I'm really glad you included yourself on there too.

Make sure you keep track of your deadline dates so that you can let me know how many you finish on time. Each finish gets you an entry for prizes!