Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Late Dec. to January Goals

Well, what really got me about this knit-along is that the goal is to knit things along the year so that I'm not in the same spot next year as I am this year.
So, my first things to make in January, are to finish this year's Christmas presents.
1. Scarf for Sherri - shouldn't take too long, doing it on a knifty knitter.
2. Scarf for Thomas - combining the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf pattern, and knitting it on the bias. Thought it might be neat.
3. Scarf for Solly - Thomas' dog. This'll be very quick since I found a project on a red knifty knitter - can just add a few more rows and bind off.

Then, to get started on projects for the 5 (that's right 5!) babies that I know that will be born this upcoming year. Oh no... I forgot, one set is twins. EGADS. Must be the water.


pickayarn said...

babies babies I love babies!!!

BrownBerry said...

These are reasonable (and completely doable) projects. Good list!