Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2 FO's Plus 1

Hello to everyone,

Sure hope everyone had a great New Year! I found myself making the Cupcake Bag for my granddaughter on New Years Eve while waiting to leave to go to the Bowl Bash. I put the finishing beads on it this morning..whatcha all think?
Next time I will crochet the beads in, they were kinda an after
I also finished a Market Bag which is 1 of three wanting to make. (2 are for a friend who sent the cotton as she doesn't crochet) Which actually I do have 1 of hers finished, just no pic of it, but here is the one I finished up.
These bags really hold alot and they do make nice gifts. I hope to get one made in my colors for myself as I gave the last one away...make good bags to carry all the packages to the post office too. My son's girlfirend uses one to carry all her yarns and stuff, boy does she have it stuffed, looks like a barrel bag
Don't know if this next pic will count but its something I made up quick for a friend who let me pattern test it.

Only took 1 hour and 45 minutes and that was with interuptions..doggies you know :) Its made with 1 skein of SWS to show its striping and I had alittle left over. She's calling it "one ball SWS Eyelet Beanie". Makes a great quick hat to make up for chairty so I'm thinking I will be adding a few of these to my monthly list for when I help out at WarmUpWinc. They do cover the whole head and aren't tight.
Because I know crochet is faster to do I will be making scarves and hats too so they will be ready for gifts next December. Mostly for family up more I do have one in the making thats called Pocket Scarf.
I really love the idea of this swap and you all have so many nice gifts picked out, I wish I knew how to knit better, honestly, it takes me about 3 days to make a dishcloth with a little stabbing here and there, looks like I'm trying to sword, I would hate to see how long it takes to do something a little I know I can't wait to see all your FO's. Knit/Crochet/Sew on!!


Deborah said...

That cupcake bag is too cute! And I love the beads.

LizzieK8 said...

Great job! Crochet is so much faster! I should do more of it!

KimT said...

great job!