Thursday, January 31, 2008

Barbara's February Gift List

Jan: well I completed and finished the alphabet blanket. I have two blocks of the dinosaur blanket to complete and sew together. I finished my dishcloths for Jan, Feb and did 3 extra ones, so I have 9 FO's. I finished one scarf and put the second one away for another day.

Feb: 1. 3 more dishcloths
2. 2 hats to send to the cancer society hat drive
3. one scarf/ xmas08/recipient unknown.
4. one pair matching fingerless mitts/xmas08/recipient unknown

I have pic's that I will post this weekend.


Sasha said...

HOlysnokes! Ahead of your list wit the dishcloths already! Great work! I think I'll be knocking up some 'unkonwn recipient' knits too - a good idea to have in store for just in cases at Chrissie! :)

laughing purple goldfish said...


you're on a roll there... keep up the momentum