Friday, January 18, 2008

First Finished Item

Hi this is my first finished item on my list, it's a khaki crocheted scarf. It was very simple to make just of rows of double crochet. It's made of Moda Vera 'Faith.' Faith is a polyester yarn that looks and feels like suede. It's very soft and ideal for a man's scarf, which is whom it is for.

I made it yesterday while my boys were playing. I took them to the park in the afternoon and crocheted while they played, then I finished it while listening to Lime and Violet's podcast last night.

Seeya xxx


KnittinChick said...

Blues are perfect for men... pushing the black and brown colour preference a bit without being edgy!

Celebrate your success... you're on the way!

Marce aka BrownBerry said...

That looks so lush!! Nicely done.

Please email me so that I know which michelle to credit with this great finish :)