Friday, January 25, 2008

An FO and Revised Goals

Hi Everyone!

I knit a Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth this week to kick off my Christmas present stash. It was a quick, mindless knit and I can see myself tossing off a few of these every so often between larger projects.

I'd like to revise my list as I just posted a few January goals earlier this month. I'm going to expand my list to goals for projects to complete before March 31.

1st Quarter Goals

Knit 3 pairs of baby booties (1 pair done)

Knit a baby kimono

Knit 5 dishcloths to give as Christmas presents (1 done)

Knit 2 pairs of slippers to give as Christmas presents

Have a great weekend! jsins


lpg said...

I've just started using knitted dishcloths... and that grandmothers favourite is my favourite one too!

well done on the finishes, keep it up


Jadielady said...

Thank you for posting the link to that pattern! I'd been doing something similar, only I wasn't doing the yarnover and 2nd knit 2 together... so they were coming out kind of wonky...