Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Inspiration for 2008!

Thanks for organizing this Marce! I'm excited to have some preparation for gifts this year. I have friends who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant and everytime that I wear a knitted item, there are hints that are dropped for Christmas or birthday presents.

January 31
  1. Dorothy's Revenge scarf for a Christmas gift-for one of the friends-WIP

  1. Pink Baby Kimono Jacket for one of the three pregnant friends-one has to be a girl, right-FO

  2. One sock for pair of Yarn Harlot's Basic Sock Recipe-for Karen's birthday

February 29 (yeah for a Leap Year extra day!)

  1. Finished sock partner

  2. Two blue Baby Kimono Jackets

March 31

  1. Socks for Audrey-Christmas

  2. Lotus Blossom Tank half finished for Mom's birthday and Mother's Day

April 30

  1. Five Flower Power Washcloths for emergency birthday gifts

  2. Lotus Blossom Tank for Mom's birthday and Mother's Day

I'm going to go shopping in my stash this weekend for inspiration for the rest of the year... yeah for stash planning at the same time.


BrownBerry said...

What a great list - proud of you for planning ahead! And do I see an FO in there already?? Wooo hooo!

KimT said...

like the FO! great job!