Sunday, January 27, 2008


Does it count if the first gift I make is for myself?? I'm currently working on the River lace wrap from Rowan to go with my wedding dress.

1. River lace wrap/me/wedding/march
2-4 3 x juliet scarf by louisa harding for gift stash. I found some loverly kimono angora cheap on the intraweb to knit up into these.
5. Celia beanie/gaynor/birthday/ need to buy some buttons for this project
6. flower pots/mom/birthday/may


suzenew said...

Anything that you can do to make preparing for your wedding fun and not stressful should count! I know that you will look lovely wearing this.

rwolcott said...

As you know, knitting is good for maintaining sanity... :)

lpg said...

I think you should get bonus points for the wedding knitting!

KimT said...

of course it counts! its going to be so beautiful on your day!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

As beautiful as you're sure to look in that, it will be a gift to your hubby - good for you getting ahead!

rwolcott said...

I've seen other brides wearing this (on Ravelry) and it looks great. It's going to be nice to wear something handmade on the big day.