Wednesday, January 9, 2008

List Change

I've had to change my list for January. My grandson, who was to be the recipient of the Jolly Roger sweater, suddenly was moved from the desert to Hawaii. Although there might be a few occasions he could wear the sweater, a cotton tank top is far more likely to get used!

So my gift list is now:
Tank Top, Tristan, Feb 3
Waterloose Socks, Amanda, Mar 17
Square Cake Bag, Rachel, March 28
BMP Hat, Noah, Apr 3
Arm Cover for Wheel Chair, Josh, May 26

I'm also working on slippers and socks for Heet the Feet and have finished one pair of socks. If your deadlines are later in the year, like mine, come on over and do some charity knitting! There are prizes involved!


vegasangelbrat said...

This is the post on They look great Lizzie! Hey, the tank top shold be easier then the sweater :)

BrownBerry said...

Thanks for that great link! And your list is a very good one. Good luck!