Sunday, January 13, 2008

List for February

Hi! I'm new, and I am just thinking about those holiday gifts for 2008. I am posting my list for February.
  1. a Wonderful Wallaby sweater, size 6 for one of my DGC--I'm knitting big. The yarn has already arrived from WEBS.
  2. 1/2 of a Branching Out scarf--long story, but I misread the original directions and only had 1/2-enough yarn. It's been sitting there for a year, but I did acquire the right dye lot to finish.
  3. Some small gift--hat?--using my own handspun.
  4. At least one member of a pair of my perpetual stockinette socks. (I know they don't count officially until I finish a pair, but I already had a schedule for these.)

I am DELIGHTED to find this group. I wanted to do lots of gift knitting, but then I couldn't post it to my blog for admiration because the recipients read my blog. I don't think they will be curious enough to hunt down the buttons.

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BrownBerry said...

We're happy to be your "gift hideout" this year :) Welcome!! Great start!