Sunday, January 13, 2008

Progress on Jan and Q1 Challenge

Here is an update on my progress for my January list.

The color block sweater for 1-year old birthday in February:

Winter Socks for my boyfriend, one done and I cast on the other today:

For the Q1 Challenge I would like to give my boyfriend's mom another pair of fingerless gloves, she LOVES the pair I already made for her, not sure on the pattern yet I've seen a few I like. Also I have yarn and have been meaning to make an afghan for my friend's daughter since I think 2006.
  1. Fingerless Gloves - Marian (Dec. 2008)
  2. Afghan - Brianna (Oct. 2008)
Angela T.


BrownBerry said...

Glad you've accepted the challenge Angela - great WIPs already!

Morrighan said...

What kind of yarn are you using for the colorblock sweater? It looks yummy soft...

Oh, and I <3 your cat too... I miss my babies that had to get left behind when I moved.

Angela said...

The colorblock sweater is in Cotton Ease by Lion brand. The pattern called for Kim by Needful yarns, which is also an acrylic/cotton blend, but not readily available to me.

Panhandle Jane said...

I love the sock yarn. What is it? I've used Cotton Ease for some sweaters for my grandchildren this winter, and it is holding up beautifully. I would never have thought of the color combination you are using, however. I'll have to make note of it.