Monday, January 21, 2008

Progress Report

I wish I could join you all in "finished" land. But so far, all I have is "frustration" landing (and landing hard.) I was booking along on the Revontuli, only to find that the yarn suddenly dissolved into nothingness. I have been unhappy with the yarn since stitch one; it is scratchy, seems to be spun with thick places and then bits that are so thin that they almost fall apart in your hands. Then there is the issue of the sticks, stickers, little flibbidy bits of who knows what... The color is the reason I purchased the yarn in the first place; as you can see it blends from one color into the next with amazing flow. Until, that is, the unfortunate yellow to blue dissolving yarn fiasco. The yarn suddenly went from yellow to blue, without warning or so much as an "if you please." Unforgivable in my book. But the pictures don't show the "AARRRGH!" unless you look at the tail end of the inside of the skein.

I was working from the inside of the skein when the yarn went from yellow to blue and then just dissolved into nothing. I switched to the outside of the skein because it seemed to be a more logical color step - but the color flow just isn't happening. I will call my 'not so local' LYS in the AM and tell the owner what happened. Hopefully she will send me more yarn when it comes in, but it is Kauni and is hard enough to get given that it is coming from Finlandia. So that is my rant for the week. The fingerless gloves are coming along nicely, hopefully in time for Jan. 31, we shall see.

Love the acid green and pink combo, hope DD #1 will love it too.
Happy knitting to all and a good night's sleep too. It has been a long, long day, and more to come tomorrow.


Marce aka BrownBerry said...

Oh Bee, what a disappointment - but good for you pressing on to get more yarn because that WIP is GORGEOUS!

flibbidy bits - that made me laugh right out loud...

Deborah said...

That's too bad about the yarn. The blanket really looks beautiful, though.

If you DD is anything like mine, the pink/green combo will be a lock winner.