Monday, January 14, 2008

SpaceMonkey - January Update and Quarterly Challenge Acceptance!

First off, I've loved seeing how all you are getting along. Great stuff!

As for myself, I've finished my personal project for January (my Irish Hiking Scarf and matching wristwarmers), although I'm realizing right now that I don't have a picture to upload. I'll edit this post later today to add those in (hope that's okay).

I've also managed a good start on my housemate's wristwarmers (AKA The Late Christmas Present), so I'll have to show you all a picture of how those are coming along as well.

In addition, I've started on a set of dishclothes for my Grandmother. They're my first First Quarterly Challenge project, since I plan on giving them to her for Christmas 2008. This'll be great challenge; it'll motivate me to get some of my Christmas gifts done way early! It's always nice to go into the holiday season knowing that at least a few of your gifts are already complete...

Now I've just got to figure out which Christmas gift to do as my second.

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BrownBerry said...

Welcome to the challenge! :)