Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spit Me Baby One More Time

One last Bib N Burp, this time for dh's cousin's new baby girl:

Check the dragonfly button!

Also, my FT Bathtime Blossoms patterns finally showed up in my mailbox, so on to the washcloths and soap sacks!

1) Baby Bib n Burp sets: 3 complete
2) Bathtime Blossoms cloth and soap sack sets:
3) Other cloth sets: 1/2 set complete

These are all for Valentines Day gifts.

Go GAL knitters!


suzenew said...

Great colors! What a nice gift.

KimT said...

this is such a great gift. great job!

BrownBerry said...

Alright now - you're cruising!! Love purple for babies.