Friday, January 11, 2008

update on my January gift list

The garter rib socks that are a gift for ME ME ME ;) have been converted to Monkeys for ME ME ME and I just started the leg on sock 1.

The prayer shawl for Rosemary is going into hibernation.

Here's some Monkey shots :)

the viewscreen on my digi is still broken and might forever be, so not the greatest pics, but you get the idea. didn't do a good job of picking up the pattern details, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and i LOVE LOVE LOVE cherry tree hill yarn!!!!!


KimT said...

great job and I love the yarn!

BrownBerry said...

Yay for the do over! Lovely`

vegasangelbrat said...

great colors and pattern...this makes me wish I could knit better!