Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wooohoo FO Hats 1 & 2

So, I had 3 baby hats to finish, 1 for a baby due in February, and 2 for a set of twins due in March.
I've now finished the bigger one for the February boy, and one of the smaller ones for the twins.
*eta* My boyfriend will be undergoing some surgery on Friday - while I'm nervous, I'm trying to look at the bright side... lots of time to knit. Hoping to finish my friend's scarf still.


suzenew said...

It's funny you say that about time to knit - that is how I have tried to look at it when my husband has needed to have any kind of surgical procedure. I hope that things go well for your boyfriend - I will be thinking about you on Friday.'
PS The hats look great.

KimT said...

great job on the baby hats. Thoughts and prayers for your boyfriend. Knitting will help you with the nervousness.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I have a scarf pattern that was complicated for me that I knit most of while my hubby was in the hospital in '06. I hope the surgery goes well for your bf.

Great baby hats!