Friday, February 15, 2008

Can't help myself!

OK, I admit that I have WAY too many projects going at once, but I did it again.
I found this fabulous skein of Koigu in my closet in an unprecedented cleaning and organizing fit (don't ask) and it occurred to me that the colors are perfect for a certain someone's bedroom. So, what to do? Certainly not enough for a shawl, a lap robe was way out of the question, anything else... stumped.
A hat. There was just enough yardage for a hat. But she couldn't put a hat on her bed, or hang it in her window, so - what to do, what to do? Hmmm... What about a "flat hat?" If I made a hat, but skewed the shaping on it, it would still be round, but it would be flat, and it would be verrry 50's chic for her boudoir. So, I did.
Pictures to follow; but may I say, it is the single most fabulous pillow top I have EVER seen. Lucky girl... wish I could find another skein of it to make me one. Heavy sigh.
But -insert big grin here- a FO (knitting wise anyway) and one present down. Yeah!
Progress report, the Revontuli is 13 rows from being finito! Frog pond visits aside, that is. It is beautiful -but scratchy. Once it is done I am breaking out the naked merino and I will be dying and selling my own on Etsy. There were just too many UFO's (unidentified foreign objects) in the yarn, and it is way too scratchy to ever use again. My merino version, however, will be fab.
Happy knitting to all, and for those of you who have one, a happy long weekend too!

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Sasha said...

The tres chic flat pillow sounds great! Excellent creeative work! =D Looking forward to seeing picture!