Friday, February 22, 2008

feb. update

i feel like i have been doing a ton, but when i look at the end results, it doesn't look like much!

here is my february update.

1. dad's skarf

2. norma's skarf (i can't seem to bring myself to work on this... i think i hate it.)
3. finish other four yards of netting for scrubbies

4. 8 various dishcloths

5. some dpn holders. (i was going to make something, but i found a nifty box instead)

i also made a really boring hat for my husband

and i made an unoriginal hat for my dad, to go along with the scarf, but i have to start over because it it GIGANTIC!!!

wow! i guess i did do a lot! hooray!!! i will celebrate with stitches west on saturday.

1 comment:

vegasangelbrat said...

Thats a lot of Like the dishcloths, neat color combo's. I thik the hat looks great and the scarf even though alittle dark in the pic...Great job!!