Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hopelessly behind in my posting duties ;-)

I'm hopelessly behind in posting my lists and details of already gifted items :-) In addition I believe I will need to pull out of the Q1 challenge, unless I can change one of the items which was started and has been sadly misplaced...? That's weird I know but we moved states this past summer and I am still hunting for this one box that had a few items in it, including my daughters afghan.. I'll have to email the hostess to see if I can make a swap for that item...

January's list was:
2 Odessa hats
4 dishcloths for my sister

The dishcloths were gifted and loved dearly by my sister... the Odessa hats were put on hold (read that as.. ripped due to some errors that I just couldn't live with staying in the hat)... I have dropped those off my gift list for now as the intended recipients were myself and a friend who complained that she hasn't even needed hats yet this winter... I ended up purchasing her a magazine subscription for her birthday that I knew she really wanted...

February's list is:
3 kitties (knitted kitty pattern here) for my kiddos for Valentine's day (2/3 complete)
finish felted bag for my SIL (Mailed it yesterday)
baby hat and booties for my friend who's due in March (Done)
Pinwheel baby Afghan for same friend (1/3 done)

photos of the completed items from the February list:


laughing purple goldfish said...

nice work... I especially love that felted bag, the colours are great

Anonymous said...

Just love your Booga bag!! What yarn did you use for this? I love those colors!


LeAnn said...

I love those booties. I never can pass up a good looking shoe!

vegasangelbrat said...

Fo's, look great! Sorry to hear about the froggin, hate when we have to do that...lol Love the bag!

suzenew said...

The bag looks great. You really have accomplished alot!

Jennifer said...

Everything looks great - the hat and booties are darling and I love that fabulous bag! Nice work :)