Sunday, February 24, 2008

i finished something!

more details at my blog, but I actually finished some things on my list!!!!!! WOOT! sorry for the yucky pics!

these have both been mostly finished for a really long time (the girl's pair just needed a couple seams, the men's needed a bit more work) and are actually holiday gifts. I did actually see the recipient over the weekend, but had not felted yet. :( I will be gifting them this week, though!

Hope everyone's having happy stressless knitting!!!! :)

-kb out


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh I love them...I did find these in crochet and plan to put them on my list for March ;) They definitely would get lots of
Great job!!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

I know you are SO glad to have these done! Proud of you babe! Always a great gift item.

KimT said...

great job!

LeAnn said...

I just finished some of these last week. Aren't they fun? I love the gray and brown color combo - may have to make myself some of those!

Manda said...

your clogs are great!! i've made 2 pair for my stepdad, plus another one that i'm going to knit this year. lol i need to knit a pair for myself one of these days. especially since mine will go alot faster than his (men's large vs. women's med!)

laughing purple goldfish said...

what a fabulous gift these clogs will make... I'll be adding them to my ideas list :)