Wednesday, February 6, 2008

January Wrap-Up/February Goals

One thing that I learned last month is that lists aren't necessarily made to be followed. I have completed three of the projects from last month's list--the 2 x 4 Hat, and the Copihue mittens and the Handsome Scarf (finished 2/3/08):

Handsome scarf 1

While the other two projects on my list--socks for my brother, sweater for my dad--weren't meant to get done in January I thought I would give them some attention. As it turns out the gauge was waaaaaay off for my brother's socks so they were frogged and dad's sweater is going to move at a slow pace. I need to be patient with myself. Knitting is relaxing (repeat mantra until calm settles in . . .)

That said, I am setting another five goals for February. They are open-ended, mutable goals.

(1) Continue slow & steady work on Dad's sweater/Dad's birthday last year/April?
(2) Half Pipe Hat/Dad's birthday/February 7th
(3) Decide on a project for impending niece/nephew & swatch it/Baby's birth/Mid-April
(4) Swatch brother's socks/Brother/Some gift giving occasion/2008
(5) Mittens/Christmas/Unknown recipient/February 28

Unstated goal: remember to knit for me!


vegasangelbrat said...

Your scarf came out really nice! Love the They get me everytime!

KimT said...


Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Knitting is relaxing
Knitting is relaxing
Knitting is relaxing

Hee hee - I love this; reality sets it, and it's OK. Thank you for this reminder, and I'll keep checking to see what's on the needles for you in the coming months :0)

KnittinChick said...

You'll get your dad's sweater done soon. We know you can, we know you can!

Jennifer said...

I hear you on the lists - reality (in my case, kids) caught up with me last month, lol. Beautiful scarf!