Thursday, February 14, 2008

Holistic Knitter ...revised February list

OK - so my original February list had 3 pairs of fingerless gloves to be knit by 16 Feb as birthday presents ... unfortunately, due to other family commitments that hasn't happened !!! Instead I'm concentrating on Xmas presents and have revised the list accordingly ...

My Gift List for February: (revised *)

1. Helter Skelter Socks / Helen / Xmas present / for Xmas 08 * (using pattern from Simply Knitting magazine, Jan 08, and dk yarn) (carried over to March)
2. Helter Skelter Socks / Lorraine / Xmas present / for Xmas 08 * (as above) (carried over to March)
3. Red Cup Cozy / Xmas Present / Lorraine / for Xmas 08 * finished 29/02
4. Green Cup Cosy / Xmas Present / recipient to be decided / For Xmas 08 finished 29/02
5. Scarf - Pidge Podge neckwarmer / Xmas Present / recipient to be decided / For Xmas 08 (carried over to March)
Also finish Opal Socks for my husband by February 14th ...Valentines present ... er ... he's got 1/4 of a pair of socks!!! Luckily, he's a wonderful husband and happily can wait until the end of the week for the pair to be finished!!!! FINISHed

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Sasha said...

Thank goodness for wonderful husbands, hey? Besides, hand knit socks are so good, I'm sure he's willing to wait for them :) I'm SO excited to see you've got a Pidge Podge in your list! yay!! So snuggly... :)