Friday, February 1, 2008

Success, and not quite

Hello All,

Well, I had some success during January, and met two of my four goals. I finished the baby sweater for the shower a day before it was due. It was very well received, and the future mother told me how much she really appreciates handmade items. I also made great progress on my Dad's vest, and should be at the armholes before the end of February. In addition, I almost completed the two long overdue children's sweaters.

My goals for February:

1. Finish the two children's sweaters (arms and neckbands left)
2. Continue working on Dad's vest and reach armholes.
3. Knit and Full hat for Carol for Christmas 2008.
4. Knit one pair of socks for me. (haven't gifted myself in a long time)
5. Knit hat for George for Christmas 2008.

I am also working on some spinning and cleaning fleece for future gifts as well. Congrats to everyone for all the great work so far! The photos are great.


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laughing purple goldfish said...

you're doing well... keep plodding along, and you'll have a nice relaxed holiday season this year