Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2 FO off March List!

Finally making some progress with my last QC project. I did get the hat done and the scarf is almost, about 2 more inches should finish that up. Then I can manage to get the sweater back in action. BUT I have gotten 2 out of 5 of my March items done and actually almost have #3 near finishing.

Here are my 3 -12" Blocks to catch me up for the Crochet Block-a-Month Group on Ravelry.
Dream Catcher 12" Square

Cross My Heart Cygnus
I haven't blocked them yet, figured I'd wait till I get more squares. Definitely will be a nice size afghan when done. I really didn't expect them to be so big...lol Use to smaller squares, but I'll be making more of these in a smaller size. Be nice to have a couple extra gifts to have on hand or if I can get the right colors it will give me a afghan to give to DIL or son's girlfriend for a gift.

Second item finished up is a Tea Cozy. Now mind you my tea pot is not a normal tea pot, its a Santa tea pot
(isn't it cute) but, you see the handle is along the whole side and the spout doesn't bend out like on other pots, so I had a hard time getting the cozy to sit right on my tea pot...lol. It'll still make a nice gift for the tea recipient.

I am almost finished up with my third item. Been working on the Soothing Rice Roll so hopefully will get that in a photo shoot and posted before the end of the week.

I also want to let you all know that I think your doing a Fantastic job on your gift items! Give yourselves a pat on the back and keep up the good work!!
I know I love seeing all the finished projects cause it gives me ideas for some of my future ones and the inspiration to find some of these items in crochet...lol, though I might wind up getting out the knitting needles and giving it a shot, but it won't be a list item...takes me months of Sundays just for a cloth...lol

Happy Knitting/Crocheting to all!

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laughing purple goldfish said...

oh my goodness... the tea cosy is PERFECT for that teapot!

congrats on all the finishes