Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back on track.

Hello you all,
I've been reading but not posting for a while, knitting was also going slow, but Christmas is only 9 months away, so i really need to get my act together. So my new first quarter challenge is to finish the rolling thunder socks, and get a beaded scarf done. Both Christmas gifts. I also want to get hubbies 2nd pair of socks finished for him. Hopefully I will be able to achieve that its only 1 new item and finishing off the last 2, now all i have to do is go thread all those blooming beads....
Hubbies big foot 2's

Brouhaha's beaded scarf.


Rolling Thunders.


Sara said...
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Sara said...

I LOVE the beaded scarf. Can't wait to see it done! I may just have to add this one to my list for next month...

Cycling Knitter said...

yep started scarf last night but missing something real big in the stitch department!! keep making errors, but am sure have it sorted now so hope to do some lines correctly tonight,
watch this space,