Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Help if someone could, Please?

Good Lord, I knew I had big feet but this takes the cake :) LOL

Has anyone done a pair of Felted Slippers? Is this size difference normal for this???
Holy Cow Batman, I mean, I like the way this makes my foot look small (please excuse the hairy legs) :) but, good grief Charle Brown, is this gonna shrink that much? I've felted lots of time, but never had this much difference in size to shrink down. Can anyone help with info?? Makes me wonder if I should choose another color other then the purple I wanted to make the upper part...might wind up being a guys felted slipper!

I'm following the crochet pattern for Felted Slipper here (its a pdf file download and free) and I'm doing the size for Ladies 7-9, even though my foot should be in a 10. It says to use a 5.5mm which is an "I". My foot being bigger then size called for I went up to a 6.0mm "J"..should I not have done that??? Help please if you can!


Sara said...
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Sara said...

Those do look quite large, but it's hard to say. The crochet is nice and loose and the finished product is a thick felt so it will shrink quite a bit. Since you went up a hook size they may be a tad big, but really the only way to know if by felting it.
When I made the fuzzy feet they were huge when knit, and then you just kept felting/shrinking them until they were at the desired size. They could always be felted smaller. Crochet a swatch, toss it in the wash, and see what kind of shrinkage you can expect.

vegasangelbrat said...

Thank you so much! So it is possible to keep washing them until desired size more or less...I'll try and see what happens, I don't mind a little room but was worried there would be too much!
Thank you :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

ahhh... the joys of felting!

I haven't felted crochet before, but I know that with knitting it reduces greatly in height and not so much in width

for me, it's always trial and error... which is what I love AND hate about felting

good luck... and please let us know how it works out for you

(and if you can spare the yarn... it would be worth swatching as suggested above, to see what kind of shrinkage you can expect... it wont be exact, but will give you a good idea)

vegasangelbrat said...

Thank you Goldie :) I do love your name but makes me lol. Not sure I have that much yarn, but also had a friend who reminded me of a sleeping bag purse she made and it felted down to size. I'm just gonna go for it and see what happens :)
Thank you all!!