Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MARCH FINISHING TIP - Shop from Your Scraps

There are MANY patterns out there for “one skein wonders” that allow you to finish most of a skein of yarn with no scraps left over to inflate your stash. But what about those “not quite a skein” scraps? The 20-75 yards of leftovers from scarves, hats and other larger items.

My suggestion? Baby stuff! Hats, booties, thumbless mitts, bibs, and headbands can be made with very little yarn. How satisfying it is to reach the end of a project with just enough yarn to finish up your work can be very satisfying. Not to mention you avoid the need to buy new yarn if you’ve reached your limit for the month. This applies to that fabric stash too!

No babies to knit for? Knit baby items for someone else who needs a baby gift for showers and new arrivals; make household items like discloths and bath spa sets. You don't have to know who the gift is for at the time - just tuck them away in a “just in case" box of things you’ve made just for the love of the work. How about using scrap yarn for striping, Fair Isle, or intarsia? You might be surprised what colorful combinations are just waiting to be discovered in your scraps and leftovers. These small amounts also make great edgings or appliques for other projects. There is much potential greatness in your scrap stash – explore!

To help you put this tip into practice, here is one of the prizes I'll be sending out for the Q1 Challenge Prize winner to help inspire good use for those smaller amounts of yarn:

AND, Vicki at Simple Knits has put together this GREAT list of Pattern Links for small amounts of yarn - listed by approximate yardage.

You still have time to knit two gifts due in the 4th Quarter. We're cheering you on!


NH Knitting Mama said...

Thanks for cheering us on! This is definitely and incentive to get knitting!

Helen said...

I love those one skein wonders. I use my itsy-bitsy leftovers for doll hair. I can get some funky looking dolls with it.