Sunday, March 30, 2008

March FO's and April Goals

So... I couldn't find my goals for March, but I'm pretty sure I got every thing done. All 3 of my friend's new nephews have hats, and the woman at work who's due next month has a hat and a bib.
Also finished up the felted mice for my cats, which, were sadly ignored. Luckily my mom was quite impressed!

For April,
1 more set of Bib and Hat for another pregnant co-worker.
Working on a Kitty Pi for my 2nd cat who we adopted about a month ago. I'm excited because its my 1st attempt at knitting in the round. I got it onto circular needles last night. Just started it March 25th so I'm pretty proud of myself!

Also cast on and I've done about 5 rows on a baby blanket for my friend due in July. I hope to have that finished by May.
And, I know its too late for the 1q Challenge, but I bought yarn to make Christmas Present scarves for 2 friends of mine.

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Sasha said...

Holy smokes! Great work you productive knittier, you!