Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Gift List, last two Feb FO's, Q1 Challenge

Finished these two cup cozies on 29th Feb! Xmas Presents for this year.

So far that's 4 Xmas presents for 08 ... 4 items for Q1 Challenge

March's Gift List:

* Finish Marble Helter Skelter Socks / for Helen / Xmas 08 finished 10/03
* Pidge Podge Neckwarmer / recipient unknown / Xmas 08 finshed 30/03
* Maine Morning Mitts / Lynda / 'just because' friendship present / by mid March - finished 15/03
* Helter Skelter Socks burgundy / for Lorraine / Xmas 08 finished 29/03
* Purple Cup Cozy / Rachael / Xmas 08 finished 30/03


vegasangelbrat said...

Those are nice and reminds me to make a coffee sleeve for the taller styro bowling it hots to
Good job!! Keep up the good work!

laughing purple goldfish said...

you must be so pleased with getting your christmas knitting finished so early in the year... well done, keep rolling!