Monday, March 3, 2008

Michelle M's Feb FOs and March List

Hey all,

I think I've got my act together this time, and putting my name in the title will surely help me find my post next month ;-)

Here's what I posted for my Feb List:

February's list is:
3 kitties
finish felted bag for my SIL
baby hat and booties for my friend who's due in March
Pinwheel baby Afghan for same friend

Here are the FO pics:


Felted Bag:

Baby Gifts (Pinwheel Blanket, Booties, and Hat):

The March list is well under way
Two Baby hats (bunnies) Status: 1 complete, one about to be CO
Three felted bunny hats
1 Kuryeon-Chan Bag for my SIL (DONE)
1 basket of knit eggs

Happy Knitting!


Julie said...

The kitties are too cute, where did you get the pattern?

vegasangelbrat said...

I love the kitties and did you make the hearts? The baby oufit is just precious too! Keep up the good work!!