Monday, March 3, 2008

Out with February, in with March

Hi everybody,
It's been fun to see what a productive month February has been for many of you!
It has been a bit uneven for me. I was excited to finish my Branching Out and I managed to finish off a bag for the 1Q challenge, so that is one for me.

I started the chemo cap for my friend D that was on my list and will roll it over to March and I am going to restart the guitar strap for my son for March as well, so here is my March list:
1. Chemo cap/for D/cuz she needs it/March 10
2. Headband/for ???/holidays 08/March 20 (2nd 1Q challenge entry)
3. Guitar strap/for I/April birthday/half done by the end of March
4. Sideway Spencer/for me/springtime!/3/4s done by the end of March
5. Wonderful Wallaby/for baby W/birthday in Aprtil/started by the end of March.

Happy knitting,
Suzie (suzenew)

1 comment:

vegasangelbrat said...

Great job on the finished projects! love the branching out scarf, I'm jealous of those that can knit. Takes me forever and a day to knit a dishcloth, I hate to think how long it would take for something
Cute bag too!! Keep up the good work!