Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Barbara's April list and BIG project

Like I posted earlier, I need to complete my March list.

so I will be carrying over March list into April:

6 dishcloths/xmas08/
one scarf/xmas08/ unknown recipient/Breast cancer pattern I found on ravelry (have finished 3 of them for birthday and thank you gifts)
one red scarf/xmas08/unknown recipient
one pair fingerless red mitts/xmas08 to go with the scarf
one multi colored scarf/xmas08/u.r
one pair matching fingerless mitts/xmas08

and................... for my BIG project I have started a couple of squares for a wedding afghan in June using gold cotton/linen and green cotton/linen from (name of yarn has just completely gone out of my head) have to complete (4 squares =1 block and have 48 blocks to knit) this will inspire me to get 'er done. I have another wedding in July but not sure I'll have time to complete a second afghan with as much detail.

I'll post the pattern with a picture when I get back from my vacation. I think this is the project I will take on the plane. one square takes me about an hour and we have 6 hours on the plane each way................. Best of luck everyone and happy knitting!

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