Saturday, April 5, 2008

Keeping it Big

I have 4 ideas to meet the challenge to "keep it big".  The first 3 will be for holiday gifts, the last to conquer my biggest challenge and fear.
  • Cobblestone Pullover    I cast on last night and plan to catch up on episodes of the Tudors this weekend and knit
  • Cable Guy from Son of Stitch and Bitch
  • Modern Quilt Wrap.  I'm traveling in May and hope to bring with me for my travel project, since the Kidsilk haze should squish nicely into a smallish bag.
  • My first pair of socks. I know this is not a "big" project, but to me it is big, because I have been paralyzed with fear to start.
Good luck to everyone!!!

1 comment:

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

I like that you're aiming high Diana!! I'm cheering you on to great FO's!