Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Need to Carry Over to May

Hello fellow gift-alongers! Your all doing such a great job and I'm loving the pic's. Keep up the great work!!
I myself am not doing so well. I've been crocheting, but nothing from my list! Just haven't been able to concentrate on what I should be doing. So I will be carrying over my April list to May and hopefully will add to it as it was a short list. I'm still going to do my Angel Afghan though I don't think I'll make the Q2 challenge with it. Don't even have yarn for it yet, in fact I started a new blanket for Lady and ran out of yarn, thought her blanket would work also for the challenge but now awaiting the yarn to come in. Its gonna be a slightly felted blanket. (maybe it'll hold up alittle longer)
I'll try to comment on every ones items..so far everything has been beautiful and makes me want to learn to knit more, (though I'm currently in a knit-along for a cloth and going good so far). I'll catch it all up next month in May! I'm just in limbo-lost- land for concentration, guess now that Lady is doing better with the loss, it must be my turn.

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