Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sasha's Q2 Challenges!

I am SO thrilled about the Q2 challenge! It's perfect!

I've got several big doozy projects that I need some motivation in getting either off the ground or to the final stages of completion!

1. Gran's FLowerbasket Shawl
I've been working on this one since.. January? but making SUCH slow progress, I need a serious kick in the arse to get going, and the Q2 challenge is just that!!

2. Totally Autumn Throw
A belated wedding gift for close friends. They were married in March 07 and we gave a joint gift with others, but I've always wanted to give them a special heirloomy lovely knitted goodie just from us that they can snuggle under together and feel the love :)
Just waiting for them to pick which Briar Rose colour they want!! THEN I can cast on!

3. Raw Fleece Prep
I've had a lovely big raw fleece for aaages, since i was VERY new to spinning. Hence, when I picked it up I didn't realise how much WORK is involved in prepping it for the spinning I want to do with it!!
So... I need to trim, wash, dry and card the 18kg fleece!

4. Spin Fleecey Fibre!

The more enjoyable follow on from point 3 - I get to spin it all up!!
Plan to knit a jumper for my shweetie from this fleece, and he likes "tow-rope" super thick yarn, so I need to spin up a jumper's worth of tow-rope!
Wish me luck folks! These four teamed with the other knickknacks I'll be doing up feel alittle overwhelming! But at least I've got them charted out and this GAL to keep me happy and on track! :)

p.s. excuse poor quality of the photos - they were taken back in the dark ages when I didn't have my digital camera and relied on my *gasp* phone camera!


KnittinChick said...

I'm impressed... I remember my grandpa getting the fleece ready for my gramma and all the work it was. I have my pom poms out for you!

Diana said...

Can't wait to see the flowerbasket shawl and throw for your friend's wedding - such an heirloom will be worth the wait. Also, it's great seeing photos/reminders of where lovely yarn begins!Good luck!!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Go Sasha! Go Sasha! Go! Go!

vegasangelbrat said...

Wow, somebody is very busy and productive!!

Shakin the pom poms for ya..Rah rah rah!!! lol