Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bustin' the stash for gifts

I've been inspired by the Stash and Burn discussion group on Ravelry to knit from my stash and I've enjoyed shopping in my stash:

A good friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I knit her a prayer shawl from Thrifty Knitter's Woodland Shawl. I knit with Smooshy Yarn and loved that yarn-it's so much fun to knit and the colours are fabulous. I'm so pleased with how it looked. I gave it away immediately before her third chemo treatment.

My admin got a pair of hand knit Broadripple Socks for Admin Professionals Week at the end of April. No one else got handmade gifts-the other staff got Costco flowers... My admin does so much for me, I was happy to do something significant for her:-)

I said that I wasn't going to enter the Q2 challenge but I just realized that I'm starting a significant large project. A friend and I are going to do a Barn Raising Quilt for a friend who is pregnant after a difficult eight year journey with infertility. As I don't have a toddler, I think that I'll be the one doing more... which is fine... they are so fun to use up leftover sock yarn.

One in progress... the other one is already blocked.

For the rest of the month, fix up a tank I knit for mom and she needs more room in the armholes, finish up a sock and two more barn raising squares.


rwolcott said...

I love that woodland shawl. Gorgeous! Your friend is going to love it too!

Birgit said...

It's a wonderful shawl!!!

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh what a beatufiul shawl!! She's gonna love it!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Those are fabulous finishes!! And welcome to the Challenge!!