Friday, May 16, 2008

May-Dec List Update

Gosh, I really fell off the wagon on this challenge! I had to roll one project from April over to my list of things to complete for June. This is the Q2 challenge, which I chose to be my Mom's Stole project.

I just finished the Helmet Liner for my Dad for Christmas. Here's a pic:And, the updated list:

28th: Dad's Birthday - hiking/camp socks (thick)

30th: Stole/Bolero of some sort for my Mom out of some yarn I had given her.

30th: Charity item (not sure which charity yet)

29th: Myself - tank top (have wanted to knit myself one for a couple years now!)
30th: Hubby's birthday - sweater

30th: Poppy - Winter Mittens

31st: For the house - Knit felted pumpkins - saw them on a blog last Halloween, and I really want a few for the house!

15th: Parent's House - table runner for the holiday table

25th: Dad's Gift - Helmet Liner - Perfect while snow-blowing - DONE May 16th
25th: Mom's Gift - Mittens
25th: Sister - Calorimetry - DONE March 15th
25th: Brother-in-law - Winter mittens


Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Super Stealth Knitter!
Looks great :)

vegasangelbrat said...

Who is that masked woman? lol Looks great Mama!!