Thursday, May 8, 2008

May Update & More Prizes

Hello Gift-a-Longers!!

We're nearing our halfway mark now for the year - are you still feeling motivated?
I hope so! I've seen some wonderful gifts being posted here, and we've got a loooong list of Challengers for gifting BIG this quarter. I know that as time goes on, it may get harder to keep pace with your goals, but you should feel proud of what you've done already! If you're like me, thinking about gifts ahead of time is a new commitment, and I'm so glad to have you to commiserate with :)

I want to keep us all excited about being part of this adventure. One way I've come up with to do that is to hold a random prize drawing just because!!

Some time in the next 2 weeks, I'm going to put all of your names into a numbered list and use the Random Number Generator to select one of you to receive some goodies!

Think of this as a Door Prize - you're entered just by being one of the GALs :)

Remember to keep tagging your Q2 Finishes with Q2FO and/or Q2ChallengeFO.

Happy gifting all!

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