Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello, June. Sorry about May.

My friends, I went AWOL for May. I feel really bad about that. I was knitting like crazy, believe me, and I actually finished a few gifts, but they went totally unblogged over here. I haven't figured out how to cross-post from my personal blog, so I'll just list the things I made here.

But actually, first, I need to say this: perhaps 3 solid months of gift knitting (Jan, Feb, and March) led me to go overboard with the casting on of projects for myself in April. It was my birthday month, I went a little nuts... and I made myself two pairs of socks (well, one and a half pairs, as one pair is half done, but they both count) and a cardigan (just doing the yoke now, body and sleeves are done). Okay, that was my full disclosure. Here is my...

May list, post-mortem:
1. Loopy Noro hat/ for Xmas pile '08/ FO
2. Loopy Manos hat/ for Xmas pile '08/ FO
3. Striped Kureyon Sock Yarn scarf/ for Chris, Xmas '08/ WIP
4. My So-Called Scarf in stashed purple Wool-Ease/ for Xmas pile '08/ WIP

June List, like the good gifter I am:
1. BIG PROJECT: S & N's Wedding Blanket/ due by Sept. '08/ WIP
(and finish my socks, my cardigan, the two scarves above...)

June and July are important to plan out, because get this: I have to bring any project I might want to knit this summer with me when I pack for my seasonal job, which I leave for in a week and a half. Does that make sense? I work at a summer camp, but I can't bring my stash and my pattern library with me, so I have to decide this week what I want to make over the next 3 months. Does that make your brain hurt or what???


Marce (BrownBerry) said...

ACK!! I would be a MESS trying to make that kind of decision! But I know you'll pick just the right thing :) (and some extras, and a backup)

KnittinChick said...

Crazy. I know that when I leave on vacation I think about the different things I wish I was doing. Take lots of different types of projects-socks to sweaters. That way you won't be bored.

And think of all that knitting time without being tempted to online purchase anything else.