Wednesday, June 4, 2008

March, April and May knitting now June!

March: dishcloths, fingerless mitts x2pr and scarf (ple wavy) completed;
April: dishcloths, Q2 project wedding afghan (cascading leaves) completed;
May; 3 dishcloths, baby blanket to do and 2 scarves - road scarf and gossamer stars scarf completed.................... will post pics of the scarves once they are blocked.

have completed my scarf exchange knitting- now to complete the package and have to finish my knitting accreditation package to send away now that I've finished the afghan. whew! so little time and so much knitting to do. luv this monthly checkin.

Oh, and finished my 12 blocks for the block exchange. have to mail them friday.

June projects: think I will roll over my May d/c's and b/b to June and consider May done. so done with all the other things going on. yup will update my knitting log. need to start the scarf and fingerless mitt set for the cancer relay team, our team is the "Divas". this is the first time I've entered into the 12 hour relay. should be fun!

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