Sunday, June 8, 2008

Socks Finished!

I finished the socks for my Dad yesterday. I made myself knit only them this past week because I was worried I wouldn't finish in time, and it paid off! I'm quite happy with how they turned out.

In other progress, here is where I am on the honeymoon cami and the modern quilt wrap. I'm using different colors for the wrap and mixed in some kidsilk night as well. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming out.


laughing purple goldfish said...

the socks are fabulous.. love the yarn choice

and the quilted wrap is going to be stunning - I can tell

vegasangelbrat said...

Nice em!! Can't wait to see those colorful blocks done!

Diana said...

Love your color choices for the Modern Quilt Wrap - it will be wonderful. Keep us posted. And the socks are sublime. Keep it up!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Yay for early finishing!! I think he's going to love those.

Your wrap colors are lovely.

Spatial Stitches said...

Great socks! Now I feel guilty for not knitting anything for my dad.