Monday, July 14, 2008

happy bastille day everyone

The end of the school year ate my life for the end of June and the beginning of July. I am just coming up for air and can look at my June goals and begin planning for July.
My June goals:
1. Finish the Wallaby
This got done though I still have to block it!
2. Finish A's socks
ali sock
Well, one sock got done and so the first part of my 3Q challenge will be to finish these socks.
3. Make one hat for charity knitting
v hat 1
This also got done!
4. Start a going away present for P - to be finished by July 30
This did not happen and probably will not this month. I am going to roll it over to August.
5. To pick yarn and a pattern for a present for DH by June 30
I think that he and I will go yarn shopping in August and I will start this in Sept.

So, my July goals are:
1. Finish the socks for A
2. Make a charity knitting scarf -for the new gift part of my 3Q challenge - I want to make 5 scarves for my charity knitting project
3. Start a camisole for me - which is the last part of my 3Q challenge
4. Finish a special single sock gift.


Knit Purl Gurl said...

Boy, you really have alot on your plate. You do really beautiful work!!

Sara said...

Your Wallaby is adorable!