Friday, August 1, 2008

August Gift Lists - We Can Do It!

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Bye bye July! Hello August!

It’s the hottest month of the year here and yet I still find the will to knit with wool, knowing that in a couple months, I’ll be glad I did :)

How are your lists coming along? Are you starting to feel any pressure to get bigger items done?

I think of this month as sort of like the “hump” month - once we get into September, the seasonal feelings begin and the pressure can start to creep in - but only if we let it!

Let’s encourage each other this month to make and clear out those lists. We’ll be glad we did!

I’ll be back soon to add my list - I look forward to seeing yours!

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Jacky said...

Marce, I have nominated you for the Brilliant Blogger Award. If you can, please stop my blog to pick up the award. All the info is there.